Friday, 15 December 2006


I didnt realise London could be interesting during the yuletide... the chances of realising are very slim when you've lived in SE18 and SE28 with no social expectations and being overweight for about 2 years (no chance my love). I didnt understand a sodding thing about enjoying the yuletide (hence jetting off to Nigeria every December). I am sociable to a certain extent but i lacked the savoir faire to make things happen without family and friends back home.

Well...its not so anymore. I am hell bent on having the best this season...plans are in full swing..with a new postcode NW4 , new weight and being a pathetic social climber things are moving in full gear/trottle. Loads of activities to look forward to endless skating, theatre, food, wine, boat trips and an informal soiree on new year's eve that's guaranteed to be a blast...Chei, look what this village girl has turned into.

With an insatiable appetite for cocktails and canapes events start this space!!!

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