Saturday, 6 January 2007

£42 fine for wine

I'd been craving for a proper steak for the last I decided to take one of my best mates to this Argentinean place, the gaucho . We got there late because of my low descriptive power. [Darn! I should have listened to my mate when he said we should take a cab]...anyway this day of all days i decided not to wear my glasses. I perused the wine list squinting with interest and settled for a Malbec... it tasted full,smooth and a joy to drink as i swirled the drink with my tongue [wine aficionado]*. We enjoyed the tenderest blue fillet of steak.....that would melt in your mouth in seconds- In my quest for quality steak cuts that was the 3rd time i had such a perfectly cooked steak. The atmosphere was great and we just caught up on the gist of 2006... you should have seen the smile of contentment on my face.....if only i knew that would be short lived.

"£94 pounds!... how the hell did we consume that much in 45 minutes?" We asked in unison. The smiled was wiped off our faces immediately. Well Ms-I-deliberately-forgot-to-wear-my-spectacles didn't see the price on the Bottle of Malbec, Ms busy-body had this strong conviction in her head that she chose the cheapest bottle of wine which was £24.50..but Alas, it was a £42 bottle she chose. "Why the hell should i drink a £42 bottle of wine on a Friday night...what was so f*****g great about the day anyway?" I queried. The last time i drank such an expensive bottle it was some one's birthday and besides i didn't pay for it if i remember correctly.

I just feel bad about it and guilty at the same time. £42 will feed a family of 4 for a month up in the rural areas of Sokoto in Nigeria.

But I can say this much, the wine tasted so was pukka.

Now, I will need my glasses more than ever, with an extra pair to check my bank balance.



Anonymous said...

My people say, price before you buy. You should have looked properly my love before drinking, if a wine tastes so good then it will be costly. Be warned.

Anonymous said...

good soup na money kill am...
if u drink good wine then u pay good money..
so my darling next time double check the wine list weeellll weeelllll before u order

ayodeji said...

A night out of town: £10
A great bottle of wine: £42
The look on you face after consuming £94 worth of wine in 45 mins: Priceless
There are some things money can't buy...for every thing else, there's mastercard :)

mamuje said...

lol, that was a good one Ayodeji, you rock.