Saturday, 3 February 2007

Blood stained Jewels?

I just watched this movie "blood diamonds" and it got me pondering deeply about the upheaval that enveloped Sierra Leone in the nineties. There is all this brouhaha about conflict diamonds. Forgive me if i am wrong or just plain ignorant, what is the link between jewels and death?. If there is then, that's the same link I see between Crude oil and death. Why had there been war in Iraq for God knows how long?

I don't know anything about such costly jewels but i know this much, an individual buying an engagement ring for his fiance with half his annual pay cannot decipher whether the jewel is conflict free. OK, even if he is clairvoyant; how does affect the price of fish in the market?. Coming from the 6th richest oil producing country in the world, we have had to witness loads of conflict in the Niger delta and bitter ethnic rivalries and lots of DEATH because of Oil, and yet that doesn't stop trading oil in barrels. People cant go about scrutinizing the origin of crude oil because lives have to go on, besides machines have to be serviced, cars, trucks and the likes of them thrive on this because 200 people were killed in Delta state doesn't mean I wont use fuel or diesel?. I am still wondering whether weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq by the Americans. I am optimistic they will be found.

Tainted diamonds or whatever they are called has left a trail of carnage in Sierra Leone, the genocide has done the same to Rwanda (Still i haven't really seen what the so called powerful forces have done for this war torn nation) and several other African nations have had to deal with conflicts but lately the "jewel" tale has been overemphasized, I cant help wondering that there is more to this that meets the eye. I am sorry this debate about blood stained diamonds are sanctimonious. Apparently, the forces that are against conflict diamonds are still the same forces that are strong advocates of the troubled jewel in question- they are the only ones who can afford to buy them off these third world countries. I'd say these "bodies" whoever they are have dreamt of delightful possibilities and have proceeded to realise them.

The movie was interesting albeit portraying lots of violence in West Africa.



E_ji80 said...

I think the whole blood diamond thing can never be too heavily discussed. S. Africa and other diamond producing countries have been greatly abused and raped, for their rocks. The sad thing is that the people and the land suffers the most and yet in no way do they make any profits. Like the diamond found a couple of months ago somewhere in Southeast Africa. the third largest ever to be found in the world. It was found by a woman, an African farmer woman (or something) but it was taken from her and sold by some German folks for a few million, becaiuse it was their land or they employed her or something. and she WILL NOT )Guarenteed) see a penny of those millions. The Europeans (hate to be so general) are robbing and raping the land over and over... in essence what America is tryin to do to Iraq for oil... the common folk suffer and J.Lo uses the diamonds to decorate her ass. The miners use men and in some cases children to crawl into tiny spaces inside the earth to retrieve diamonds and such and sometimes, they blow up the mines (sometimes killing-black-people)just to get to bits of colourful, shiny rocks. I accidentally read up on dimond mining a few years ago and since then I do NOT buy diamonds, rings, necklaces, etc. I know that my little rebellion will NOT make a difference, but I think if people were more informed on how the diamonds are gotten, they may not be so eager to bling out. Funny, I just saw this movie and was gonna blog on it later today- U know how my oga them do me for the blog thing- guess GREAT minds think alike..

mamuje said...

I understand you my sister but lets face it the so called people who say "do not buy conflict diamonds" are still the same ones who revel in it. Its just santimonous like i said...

Sven said...

Good Job! :)

noblestride said...

I actually see a lot of news reports of atrocities, conflicts and wars …. And these stuffs are so overwhelming that I guess it seems more like a scene from a Hollywood flick! I see them, cannot understand. I just watched the movie “Blood Diamond” just a few minutes ago, and thus did a google search, and got hold of your blog. The feeling I get right now at this present moment is definitely guilt and sadness. The exact feeling I get when I attend funerals, you know that same old life is short, I gotta do something. One day later everything is forgotten, we humans sure do have bad memory, or maybe we just don’t want to see the bad stuffs?
Anyway, the question is what can I do? Or rather what can we do about it? This is what I do, I make a difference, maybe not by helping someone in Africa, not that I don’t want to but because it’s beyond my present practical means, thus I try and help one person, help one kid, make one difference , and that makes me feel good. Thus one by one I may not reach a million in my life time, but I know each person I help is a link to a billion…
The lady who started this blog, is also making a difference in her own way. Cause today I saw the pictures, and I know they are no pictures from the movie. So the blog did help me in a way to picture reality, and next time I see a diamond ring, I am sure going to see beyond the glitter!
Hope we all make a difference in this very short life!

depuy hip recall said...

A lot of innocent lives had been wasted with Sierra Leone famed diamonds. A lot of locals tried hard to mine diamonds in a hope for a better life. I've seen a movie about it, I forgot the title though.

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