Tuesday, 17 April 2007

A Riposte 2

I haven't heard the end of this since the last weekend, where everyone who knows me and read my blog felt the need to clarify that Microsoft didn't make the ipod but Apple. OK, one mistake. A thousand corrections. I make the correction myself but my i-am-the-first-to-spot-Mamuje's error pals were very quick to take the piss. No offence taken.

Do not fail to realise that information becomes inundated after a while and if you are like me who is currently reading 3 books at the same time, information tends to get muddled up in your head... for example I read books like "The book of general ignorance" and "a short history of tractors in Ukrainian" (to name a couple). I tell you it doesn't help...its fine for a while then you mix information...even colours start to appear the same. You slowly enter a state of dyslexia (at this point you lose it). I guess I have made myself clear~ So no more taunts.

OK I accept, maybe the vlog " women know your limits" is somewhat justified. That is a perfect example of what is going on in my head :-)


Sunday, 15 April 2007

Thinking outside the box.

Different literature has stirred my interest in the last 4 months about thinking outside the box. Don't we all wish we could. But Lee D Williams and Rod Atkins always told me it was wasn't that easy but it some were plausible (yeah common sense is not that common). TOTB, a catchphrase that is used when looking at a problem from a different perspective. I believe that it can be applied not only in a business sense but in different facets of life. Thinking outside the box stems from frustration (if you ask me), when you are at your wits end then...

Most inventors were out-the-box-thinkers. I am certain people laughed and scoffed when those ideas were conceived. Apple or whoever came up with one of the greatest out-of-the-box- inventions of the 21st century. The ipod.
I think to myself sometimes, everything that we would ever need as humans has already been conceived or invented..well until the ipod and the rabbit came.
TOTB, is not about mental intelligence. Its about leaving your comfort zone and taking risks. In other words, thread where others dare...! Invaluable information would give individuals insights into new ideas that haven't been conceived. Clonned ideas exists in the world but having the belief that yours can break boundaries is a prerequisite to succeed.

Saturday, 14 April 2007


OMG... for the last 2 years i haven't been assimilating any viable information until Tuesday. Call me stupid but the whole idea of recycling never really clicked. OK, the glaciers may melt in 13 years as opposed to 40 years.....very disturbing.
The current trend of purchasing organic produce never made any sense at all, i bought organic when i could but never really knew the reason. Sometimes i found organic bananas were shrivelled most of the time. In that case fertilizers emit carbon dioxide that affect climate. hmmm. I'd say carbon dioxide infused bananas look and taste better.

Before i digress, what i am saying is i didn't realise that recycling reduced greatly the climate change. OK, how would i know? I have admitted to having bouts of dyslexia lately....lately has span across 24 months.... or maybe its the iodine i drink every Wednesday at 2.45pm. Nevertheless, unashamedly I would say i have been oblivious of the "global warming" and the possible drought countries in Africa might face in years to come.

Now what do we do to help or greatly reduce global warming?...I'd say Recycling is one of them. Doing this takes giant steps into sustainable development. Any medium that reduces the missions of carbon dioxide will save the planet. OK

I am taking steps to recycle everything recyclable..including human beings....it would make the world a better place, so my novelty status would take the back seat for now.