Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I heart christmas!

Christmas has always been one of my favourite time of the year. This was no different, besides the bout of bronchitis. It went well.
I was told i wouldn't get any time off for the holidays so I decided to spend it with friends. 4 ladies. 4 Ladies who had been through the furnace and back. I mean i know considering their peculiar stories.
I am known to whinge about anything. including the weather - like its any one's fault? I used the holidays to meditate and reevaluate my stance in this institution called life. I have learnt to appreciate it better. My friends taught me that, even through their pain, you could see them smiling like the weight of the world wasn't on their shoulders. They were there for me. I just had bronchitis, and they took care of me like i had a life threatening illness. With so much care and love.... One of them was kicked out of her 6 yr old marriage just because she had no child for him, and he thought the best Xmas pressie for himself was to marry another woman ( who claims she was pregnant for him) 2 weeks before Christmas. She smiled through it all. The other was dumped by her fiancee of 4 years. He just didn't want her. Yet she smiled through the season. Another friend's lover of 10 years ran off with her money after getting her to take a loan leaving her with his 4 kids. She smiled again. The other had nothing... no house or money or a proper job, yet they all smiled and celebrated!
And me.... I have somethings., i have a family, a job, a flat and a good relationship yet i whinge and cry because the weather is dull or cause my boyfriend doenst call me on time or over something as silly as my landlord being a jerk.
I am finally at peace...i know where I am coming from, i have all to be grateful for. I can count my blessings.
Happy holidays all! Count your blessing!