Monday, 18 May 2009

Mastercard failed me this time!

As I clumsily drank my coffee that day….I pondered what to do about my racy thoughts as I wiped a trail of Sumatra from my lower lip. The coffee tasted good. I didn’t want to share the coffee but was willing to share my thoughts with him. After one drunken moment, he’d began to play on my mind. All I could think of was ‘mounting’ him or vice versa. He was tall, dark, handsome and had a glossy glint in his eyes……as an added extra he was eloquent. Whenever we got together we chatted on a range of diverse issues. Travel (especially the Middle east, I always had a fascination about Israel and Jordan anyway), coffee, economic instability, politics and of course where we were headed as per the friendship….albeit subtly.

Loved getting together with him every once in a long while, couldn’t afford the time as I had my work (managing OI was a handful), my girls and my family.  

He was full of surprises. I would  return from work after being harassed by OI to meet a carefully wrapped coffee Arabica perched at my doorstep with a scrawly written note that read his name and number alone (as if reminding me that he was not dead. Pah!). That denoted that he had been on one of his many trips again. Another time I came back to meet a bottle of Amarula perched on my doorstep- No note this time. But it was a pleasant surprise- and I thought….hmmm I could just pour amarula all over him and lick it off him. I could see myself going places with this bloke.

He was full of more surprises. I liked good surprises. And then, I got a note- professing his love and commitment for me. I was  disappointed. Very disappointed. I decided the infatuation was over. No more pleasant thoughts of Mr eloquent. No chance. Even if I was out of batteries. Nada. Why? Grammar!!!!!!! Tsk Tsk 

He was gorgeous, seemingly intelligent but he couldn’t SPELL!

Coffee Arabica- $11
Amarula- $19 
A badly spelt love note in scrawly hand writing- COSTLY!
There are some things that money cant buy, not even with a MASTERCARD!