Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hey folks....

Oh holiday in Southern Africa. Thats South Africa and Mozambique, my initial intention was to do a backpacking tour, but limited time hindered that, so I decided to stay in a hotel and watch the world go by and sip coffee.

I found SA excruciatingly expensive, considering i was sheltered and ferried around to some places, It cost me and arm and a leg to breathe there. When I first got there we went shopping at the Sandton centre, apparently where the well-off shop- I wonder what my friends were thinking? A few hundred dollars spent and nothing to show for it, we had lunch, joked and set off to JB. We went to the infamous Moloko bar much later and it was swell. I noticed the South African girls cant dance. I felt sorry for them. The next day I spent most of the day hung over then my friend came to pick me up and we went to the famous Carnivore restaurant, which is outside Johannesburg. We ate Kudu, Gazelle, crocodile, Warthogs and other weird stuff. I was gutted there wasnt any giraffe and zebra on the menu. Per Person cost about ZAR 175 and i believe thats about $25 or so.

I am in Mozambique now, and I must say I am well impressed. Being a solo female traveller in a non-english speaking African country...and being Nigerian as well *I hope you understand what i just wrote?* Its not everyday you see such a combination.

Anyway after 30 years of civil unrest, the Mozambicans still managed to rebuild their lives gradually. The streets, the smell, the politeness of the people took me aback. Honestly I didnt know what to expect. I get on a taxi for next to nothing (even though I know they are ripping me off by Moz standards) and guy still acts like my chaperon- we use sign language most of the time. I got a mid-range hotel for $47 a night and thats because I was paying the single supplement!

I am looking forward to Inhaca island just 30 mins by boat off the ferry from Maputo...and probably take a dip in the water, feel the white sandy unspoiled beaches, drink coconut water and seafood. Ok, its embarassing, its cheaper to eat Lobster/tiger prawns than have beef. I met a man with a boat yesterday who offered to take me across the Island for $50 about 1300 Metecais (Mt) and back. Well considering I have a short time here I took it. Oh, i did visit the arts and craft market for the usual souvernir and rubbish that they decieve tourists with. I am not looking forward to the journey to Johannesburg cos I came by road.

Its been an amazing experience so far and I love my own company sometimes. Hence the second leg of my trip. I would suggest Mozambique, you'd be pretty amazed at what you would find. All holidays neednt be spent in London or the US. In my experience I find its cheaper to visit other countries and be independent. With proper research, you can go anyway and be anything self :-)

Anyway, I am off to have some peri-peri chicken and coffee/amaretto.