Friday, 9 October 2009


Its been a month since I blogged. 45 days since my dad passed away. Its been a very very busy time for me, especially getting ready for the 40 days funeral rites that just passed this last weekend. How time flies... well, just clocking/checking in to say, I am still around.

My cousin had been visiting me for about 4 months because of ASUU strike, all Uni students are home now, so this time i made her stay back as I needed as much time alone as i could possibly get. I have been scared shitless by the thought of spending the night ALONE in my room. Every disappointment is a blessing they say, even my friends have seen the softer and more considerate side of me this past month. I am always there for them now, for fear of ever losing them

Nothing much has happened since I got back to Abuja besides hanging out with family and friends, then getting that much needed facial and a neck massage. Believe it or not, i have broken out in acne this morning *sigh*, will it ever get better? Oh, i forgot... I have swung into action being the VP of social affairs, I am organizing a trip with friends to somewhere shortly. Ok, I must say i am fed-up of travelling.... think its about time i hang my globetrotting boots and rest.

I have decided to have an intense love affair with my bed this weekend, i need to catch up on sleep and rest.