Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Warped info + telephone etiquette!

Life has been good, has been good and then some... I am not complaining... I am open to the complexities of life. I have been kinda busy with work and family. Lately I noticed that my body has been reacting to changes.... I have been drinking a lot of wine.... a whole lot of wine, more than I intend to. My siblings and I get together 3 nights a week and just binge on wine and food so I guess its not a surprise that I am piling on the pounds, suffering from heartburn and most recently experiencing internal heat in my body- My sister-in-law joked that it might be the symptom of early menopause. God forbid!

I woke up this morning and there was a plate of brownies and pizza (with coke) at my doorstep. At 8am this morning... my neighbour left it there for me. For me its just another kind gesture...as I love food and Coke. So there I am singing happily and stuffing my face with sweeties while my friend is suspicious....she thinks my neighbour fancies me. My neighbour who I believe is about 4 years younger than me is certainly too young for me. Besides I am not partial to cougarism. Not just yet.... If only he was 15 years older....if only....

I observed something the other day. I got 11 missed calls from the same person. If I didn't pick their call once, why will I pick the call the other 10 times? Just saying... Also noticed how loud most people set their ringing tone. Even if you want to bring a corpse back to life I doubt if its gonna be that loud. Maybe its me or just age... Its taken me 30 years, 7 months and 20 days to realise that Nigerians and especially my family are the noisiest people on earth. We should be in the Guinness book of records! Period!

I just got some warped info today. My first love just had a baby this morning...by his wife- the younger sister of my second love. How cool (weird) is that? I am wishing the newest baby all God's blessings. I hear she is super cute.

And then some useless information...
I am going green....I am thinking of recycling everything... clothes, books...even men!



Myne Whitman said...

Easy on the wine though, it all adds up, and is not easy on the liver.

LOL @going green. How do you recycle men?

ps, toss some of the pizza this way...

Mamuje said...

Thanks Myne...I am thinking of drinking more water... I dont drink enough and this new job of tasting and tasting wine...its getting too much for me.

You recycle men by re-using ex-boyfriends! LOL

Sending your Pizza by Fedex :) Now smile :-D

TayneMent said...

LMAO@recycling men.

I feel you on food, I haven't been watching what I eat lately

T.Notes said...

I knew the new business will turn you into an alcholic!!!lol!!!

Jeezzz,dreaming of pizza right now!!!

doll said...

wow,the sister of your ex...married your ex...???

Young Grumbler said...

Your ex's sister married another ex? Wow, small world o!
The phone thing annoys me too - if you call me a number of times and I dont pick up or call back...I dont wanna talk to you! Lol

Love your blog, first time commenting...always lurking :-)

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

11 missed calls? Y dont some people ever get it? after the second call, hang up!lol...easy on the sweets thooo

LucidLilith said...

wine and food...oh la la...u so french. That's the good life right there.

Try squeezing some exercise...two or three times a week. That should help you shed the pounds...

Mamuje said...

Taynement- Abi?

T.Notes- Alcoholic? E mi ke? Well... cant say oh... I just need any silly excuse to drink.

Doll- Yes. Thats what happened o.

Young grumbler- thanks for visiting.... I just ignore pesty callers...creepy!

Sisi Yemmie- No worries, I will take heed.

Lucidlilith- Sounds like a plan, i just need the courage to fit a routine in.

QMoney said...

You just reminded me of someone that left several missed calls on my phone,sent me txt i didnt reply,sent me mail and i didint reply and u are asking me if i am avoiding u,ehn ehn,am looking for you..lol

Pizza 2 ur door,dat sounds janded..awww..lol

whoa ,whoa,whoa,this world is indeed small.did u attend their wedding?that musta felt funny

awittyfool said...

'Loud Nigerians'? ... now THAT is an anomally... lol.
Recycle babe. Green is the new cool. ... well Recycle ALL but 'men'. desperate is unattractive in a woman.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Hi there
per-your body changes: Are you worried or not. If yes then take up exercising. If there is anything I have leanrt with both parents needing surgery, and spending ridiculous amount of money on health care, it is this: Exericise is the cure for almost every single thing. :)

That said, you seem very happy with where you are right now.Methinks you should enjoy it all and fully!

Naijas are loud? no! ;)

2cute4u said...

Taking time out to read your post...
I had a fun break..
Do you do deliveries?

Mamuje said...

Qmoney- Unfortuately I didnt attend the wedding. I felt it would be weird even though i love the bride like a sister.

A witty fool- Na your own you dey talk.

Mena- I am working on getting fit and healthy...but still stalling.

2cute4u- Yes I do deliveris, but its subject to a minimum order.

ZeL said...

lol@nigerians being noisy!

4years isnt bad now?

@"My first love just had a baby this morning...by his wife- the younger sister of my second love"

my brain is still trying to figure that one out