Sunday, 4 July 2010

Zermatt Opens for Business!

We are open for business. Officially.

I promise I would blog more as I may become freerer over the next week. Another good news is, my car is on the road. I missed my baby dearly.

Over 50 guests came along to support us at Zermatt. Friends and Family from afar. Sales was crazy. We tasted 6 different wines from 6 regions (Germany, Argentina, Spain, Alscase, Austalian and Carlifornian). Old and New world wines as well as a selection of cheeses ( Extra old Cheddar, Smoked cheddar, Camembert and Some parmesan). Contrary to popular beliefs. Nigerians love cheese and white wine!... and lots of it. The event was supposed to last 2 hours but it went on for 4 hours and some people came late because of the match.
I feel in love with some georgous bloke at the event. He came with his friends.... he doesnt know I am crazy about him and I am about to stalk him for the next 2 weeks. I hardly know much about him... all I know is that he is a HOTT foreigner, he loves cheese and wine. Thats enough to get me scheming. *evil snicker*
Please follow Zermatt wines & Champagnes on Facebook to see the full pictures and please please I need referrals.
Love of love.


SHE said...

Whoa! Glad it went well.

All the best with the HOTT foreigner...
*wink wink*

Myne Whitman said...

HOTT foreigner eh? LOL...Good luck with the business too.

Sting said...

Congrats. So which one are u? Long or short dress? I'm guessing ur aunty is the one with the long dress.

Mamuje said...

SHE- Thanks babe. I am scheming.

Myne- Thanks for the good wishes... lets hope I dont get over this one in 48 hrs. lol

Sting- I will let you figure out which one I am through my blogs and the dress I was referring to. Thanks

TayneMent said...

Congrats Mamuje, it ain't easy opening a business. Good choice on the dress!

Nutty J. said...

She's the one with the long dress na...abi?

Good luck witht he business...success all the way.

H.O.T foreigner hmmm? come on go over and say hi.....there's no harm in saying hi now is there?

doll said...

good luck with the and your sister look alike so which is you?

T.Notes said...

Real Congrats on the Biz startup!
All the bestest Best!
Hmmm, n the deco looks suave!

Mamuje said...

Taynement- Thanks a lot....E no easy.

Nutty J- You know na. Thanks a lot. I am in lust!

Doll- We look alike? She is my brother's wife and a totally different complexion. I am flattered to look like her anyway.

T-Notes- thanks..the decor guy is an angel. I am mighty pleased with it.

T.Notes said...

Wow,checked out the FB pics. Girl u ain't kidding around o!!!
Double congrats!

Original Mgbeke said...

You looked great, love the dress. I was like ah ah, hot foreigner far for 007, but just went back to catch up and I see!
No wahala o jare, you def gotta be with someone who you feel attracted to. I say, stalk along! ;)

2cute4u said...

Congrats, you really are determined cause I know the stress you must have gone through..
Have fun with the stalking only I hope you have fun..

Mamuje said...

T.Notes- Thanks again my brother.

O Mgbeke- Na wa for the guy, I say I no fit. As for HOTT guy, seems he has washed over me already and its only Wednesday. Kai.

2Cute4u- You say the sweetest things. Thanks dear. I worked hard and it payed off.


congratulations!!! Can't be easy to start and run your own business! Good job!

LucidLilith said...

Wow. I am so proud of you! Congrats. You for give us invite na, u know that I am a wine enthusiast.

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