Monday, 30 August 2010

Whats your BB pin?

Dare I say its the 'most common phrase' among Nigerian youths today?. You bump into a long time friend you haven't seen in 12 years and after exchanging pleasantries they ask for your blackberry PIN. As its now become standard procedure. Some even go as far as putting as a Facebook status. Which I translate to 'Me sef I don join dem get blackberry' or 'I want to accumulate the most number of friends on my contact list 'cause its a competition'. I guess a lot of people see the standard monthly payments of N5000/20 quid/$33 as a status thing.

The latest Avalanche of the blackberry or crackberry addiction as the case may be has probably put other phones out of the market. There are so many variations. I have seen 'Blueberries', 'blakberries', 'blackberys'.... oh and yes, they are all fake imitations of the Blackberry. Sometime last year, someone walked up to me and said can I see your 'blueberry'. I burst out laughing... I couldnt help it. The latest observation is there is hardly anyone I know or that I see on a regular basis who hasn't got a BB. It is almost sacriligious not to have one. I think its also almost a curse to have one these days.

Besides it's many technical wahala (problems), stiff trackball, consistent freezing,short battery life, insufficient memory space ..the list is endless, is doing great at putting me off the darn thing.
The constant PINGing is totally doing my head in. Nowadays even clients want your bloody pin. Can someone tell me why? Besides I think a contact list should be a close network of family and friends not any person who can afford a BB. Haba! Can someone bring back the days of going to an Internet cafe to use the Internet. Now we even have it on our phones....

Men don't even want to go through the normal process, they get your BB pin and its 'toasting galore' on the BB. I miss proper telephone conversations and reading paper notes, hearing sweet nothings as opposed to a string of sentences on your phone screen. I have a toaster who has barely spoken to me in months but is in constant touch with my BB. Friends rarely call. The BB has replaced it. I don't attach any importance or sentiment to BB messages cos I think it has no monetary value and as such doesn't count as keeping in touch *folds arms in defiance*

Towards the end of your monthly BB expiration plan your heart palpitates for fear of the unknown. Well.... I don tire. My BB plan expires in 35 minutes and I wont renew it today. I am folding my arms to see what will happen. Who will die?. Who wont call me as they cant PING me anymore. I will just wait and see....



Young Grumbler said...

The most infuriating thing about my BB beside the trackball, is the "Pinging". Like, write what you wanna say already and chill for me to reply. Don't you dare PING me aswell! Or they don't say anything and just bloody PING you - okay I've notice you, now what??? #Provoked
Now when random folks ask for my pin I either say I only give it out to close friends or that my service is deactivated so call me.

SHE said...

Honestly, that device can be so annoying at times!

I think its a bit desperate to put your PIN on facebook. Wetin?

And of course, it makes sense to remove the annoying "ping" sound!

I totally agree with you on ALL counts!!!

Myne Whitman said...

As someone who doesn't belong to the clique, I can only laugh...renew your BB o

Wise Sage said...

I could give you five reasons why i don't have a BB....wait. You've already done that for me. LOL.
I sooo agree with you that he BB makes people so close yet so far away, I have friends and a sister who don't call me anymore not because they don't want to but because they seem to forget that i'm on their BB contact list and calling is not a part of their culture anymore. I tend to wanna get angry but i know who doesn't call me is worth the bother.Besides, after paying 5k each month on the subscription, and maybe paying also for their internet subscription (most of them also have laptops)there is hardly any money left to buy credit. I do not envy BB users one bit.

Nice Anon said...

I don't even get why the blackberry has become such a fad in Nigeria. I don't get it

Aribaba said...

LOL... These days babes wont even talk to a guy unless he has a status symbol or something. I like your blog.

NoLimit said...

lol!!!Na so o,my sistah!
BB is now a major status symbol in Naij...what I don't understand is people having over a thousand contacts on the list...quite absurd and ridiculous...but then that's their choice abi? The 5k per month tarrif is a rip off in my opinion!

rethots said...


Ginger said...

lol. I feel you jare. Just joined the group of users sorta accidently. Still looking at the phone - to activate or not to activate. Abeg, I am still treating my laptop addiction..

journeytoprint said...

Lol at the pic!
I want a BB but I'm not willing to attach myself to a 2 year contract to get it So unless I can afford to buy it then it's not happening even tho all I want from it is BBM
I hope people call you oh! I deleted FB you shouldve seen the reaction. But at least I know who my friends are lol
Nogo xx

Toinlicious said...

Too true. i dnt know y ple must ping every sentence or turn d bb into anoda fb. i dnt want 200 contacts on my bb abeg. deleted some pple but they keep coming back particularly those who u hardly talk to and when dey harass me with pings, i delet em em again*coversface*
u dint mention thse with over-stale annoying and boring bcs/jokes. jokes dat already went around wen we all had emails smh

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