Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Some mothers do have them!

And there was the Tampax Pearl Plastic:
.... Its been a good week so far. Business has picked up. I am getting busier and busier and even hired extra help.

I lost a friend of 11 years yesterday. He didn't physically die. But he is dead to me. It was about time. The relationship became TOXIC. I am not sad about it, I realised I wanted it to happen sooner than later. Now, that's that. When someone wants to make you feel less than inadequate then move on. BTW, he and I don't share an umbilical cord! *insert 'relief' emoticon here*. The chance of me salvaging our friendship is the same chance a donkey has using a payphone.

UPDATE: Last night Mr London or who I now call 'Latte'... had dinner with me at my favourite Indian restaurant. We are cool. I haven't visualized having his children yet.... or worse in his kitchen with a wrapper around my chest and hairnet on my head. But we think alike...Almost ALL the time. *is that supposed to be a good thing?*..... In some amazing twist, I wore a sari during my dad's remembrance and he wore a Salwa Kameez (the male version) so we ended up calling ourselves Sunita and Vikram. Too Cute! We have shared outfits, humour, business ideas in the last few days. One thing I know is, I cant even look the dude straight in the face. I am shy. *insert red-faced emoticon here*

ENOUGH with Japanese school girl love stories: Anyway, last week I saw a box of matches in my fridge. I put it there. I removed it. Only to come back in the evening to find it there. I believe I put it back there again. Only 2 days ago, I went to see a client for a payment and they asked for a pen to sign my cheque. I blindly reached into my hurricane bag and brought out my tampon instead of the pen. I mean who can blame me.? Its the new BLOODY Tampax pearl Plastic. I looks/feels like a bloody pen... Suffice to say, I made my clients evening and I can see the priory calling me softly *hangs head in shame*



Nutty J. said... happens to the best of us. something is definetly distracting you

Mamuje said...

It better be something good oh.... I must admit, I have had a lot on my mind. Too many errands to run.

LG said...

lol@donkey using a pay phone LWBM
take it easy sha!

LucidLilith said...

LOL...i heard that tampon story before...ladies...get it together!!!

Also, I just have to sing this:

M'Je and Latte
sitting under a tree

Fabulo-la said... n 'Latte" already sound cute together. Lool

And as for the tampon...LMAO!

Take a moment dear. Lol

Anyaposh said...

hahahaha...OMIGOSH! that is incredulous...I would've turned beet in the face if that happened to me. Or tried to laugh it off, like 'oops, yes, I too menstruate.

As per Latte, I think this is exciting! the start of new things! I like that you're shy, it may be a good sign. Like you actually do care about him, your time together, and how he perceives. OH!! LOVE STORY on the burner - simmer, simmer, simmer! Let us know more details as they happen.
*grabs bowl of popcorn and waits*

p.s: i like the way you write. It's exciting.

Myne Whitman said...

Is that plastic pearl thing supposed to remain inside one? comment.

As for Latte, *insert schoolgirl giggle* you're shy? LOve nwantititi...

Nice Anon said...

Having things in common is always a good thing.

TayneMent said...

lol that you said bloody tampax pearl. ironic.

so whats the deal with you and latter, you get along in all senses but is it buddy buddy or you actually like him?

SHE said...

Yee! Tampax instead of pen! LOL.

Latte news = Exciting news!

More please!!!

Mamuje said...

The deal with Latte is that I like the guy and he likes me and we are taking things really, really slow. Thanks guys. I am optimistic.
Cos lately I have turned into a commitment phobe (blog will come later)

As for the tampon incident. Its probably never gonna wash away but I will manage :)

Ginger said...

Hmmm loving the Latte news. Let it flow....aka Braxton.
Love made in India? no be small thing.
@Myne. me sef I wonder :). is it comfortable Mamuje?

Mamuje said...

Its the 12th of October guys and I so OVER Latte. More info to come later. Shame!

Anonymous said...

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