Friday, 3 September 2010

Who is Bigger + Better: White or Black?

I have been holding myself for months on broaching this topic. I will do so anyway with the facts presented before me. Using myself as a subject for research. A 'research' spanning 8+ years. I will be sexually explicit so please forgive me prudes!!!

1.They say Black men have bigger penises.
2. Once you go black you don't go back.
3. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

SAYS WHO????!!!!!

In the early years of my research or observation. :) When friends saw my love interest of a different race. They get all inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. The most prevalent question is always about the SEX! Yeah...Yeah...Sex is always the issue. I get questions like (I am sure you are dying to know). 'Is he circumcised?', 'Is he great in bed?', 'What is it like?'...Errrr he is a man with a difference race and possibly culture, so I really dont get it. One black guy who wanted to date me cringed at the thought of me having a white ex and hasn't shown much interest since then. Fair enough. Inadvertently, he proceeded to say. 'Its a Fact babe, Black men have bigger packages'. My swift response was 'I am assuming you are gay and have shagged ALL the white and black men within sight to base your conclusions/opinions upon....huh?'

I think we need to be more open minded interrcially. Looking beyond the imperfections and skin colour or Myths...whatever they are called. I believe it will be unfair to think a certain race are blessed with bigger+ betters features while others are not. Imagine a saying that goes 'White men have better brains than black men' How about that for starters! I am sure that would hurt!

In conclusion, there are no right or wrong answers and besides it isn't conclusive. I have enjoyed relationships with both white and black men but I am tilted towards dating whites as the first white man I dated treated me really really well and he was a godsend. Hence the partiality. As for the sex....its a no-brainer. Sex is based on chemistry. If the chemistry is more intense with a Mr X then you have better sex. Its NOT the race. Dare I add that the biggest penis I have ever seen was attached to a white man ....and it was circumcised. I said it. It was gigantic. There you go!!! Its outta my chest.

Once you go black you can never go back... well I don't know if there is much truth in the saying, but 2 of my exes went on to marry+ engaged proper African ladies after me. So I guess I was doing something right then. So those of you who have 'Bazookas' hanging down your nether regions. Way to go. Good luck!. Average to large+ Chemistry does it for me. A 'toddler's thumb' sized penis or a huge Bazooka are a No No!!!. I really dont know many women who want to be sitting in a hot tub for days on end.


(Pic Courtesy of google images)


Anonymous said...

"I really don't know many women who want to be sitting in a hot tub for days on end" lol.

Oh well...some women love pain, I guess.

Thanks for blowing the myth out of the water. Speaking of inter-racial dating, I detect double standards - Seems it's ok for a black man to date a white woman but not ok for a black woman to date a white man? I find that black people generally reserve the worst of their prejudices for black women who date out of their race. I don't have any personal experience of it. It's just my observation of other peoples' experiences.

rethots said...


Obi said...

Quite a few women don't mind a lil' pain, as long as they get theirs... There are too many conflicting thoughts, emotions and feelings raging within the average woman's mind/body to actually pin-point what she REALLY wants during sex. As for the size issue, if any woman says it doesn't matter, then look around..her lil' dick boyfriend/hubby is probably within earshot...

Mamuje said...

Anon- I agree with you totally on that one. Totally...

Rethots- I guess that says it all.

Obi- Of course size matters. Moderate-Large is fine. A toddler's thumb sized penis or a bazooka are a No-No!

SHE said...

Mamuje! I was almost scandalised at the picture! couldn't make up my mind whether it was a black or white specie though.

Thanks for the clarification. I was starting to look for the nearest white man. just to confirm.

LucidLilith said...

Ha ha! This is so funny. Honestly: the penis size thing is just urban legend. White men can be packing too. I am still impressed by the size of Weeds' Justin Kirk when he showed full frontal in the film "Flannel Pyjamas."

Nice Anon said...

*Googles Flannel Pyjamas*

As a health-care worker.. I have seen( during procedures of course) different types of men naked. I would say that the black man is more inclined to have a bigger penis. A Puerto Rican male I saw once made me say " There's a God somewhere" To be honest Asian males are the lowest when it comes to that.

Yup I have seen a very hung white male too*Chuckles*
Alright enough of the rambling.

BlackizBeautiful said...

ive seen a 27 yrs old blck guy that has the penis of a 10yrs old......n i have seen a 26yrs that have ermm rmm ermm...the hot tub 1
so it isnt race really but hey chincos are nt endowed at all!!!!

African Cutie said...

i have only ever been with one man who happens to be black so got nothing to compare with....but I am one satisfied

Sugabelly said...

Black men are unquestionably bigger.. but huge penises are overrated anyway

Myne Whitman said...

On the general, the urban legend wins. But google images is naughty with that pic. Now I'm going to jump on someone.

TayneMent said...

Yea I am with anon, most nigerian/black men have a problem with black women that have been with white men.

Ginger said...

Really wish I understand what all the fuss is about size be it African or white or Asian. I think there’s only trouble when err Tool owner cannot USE it satisfactorily!
I saw this interesting post about size here -

Anyaposh said...

never been with a white man...but I can't get over the thought of pink dick! LOL... i mean, for real for real...pale skin doesn't do it for me (there was no chemistry & it ended).

jobsfornaija said...

talking from expereince size doesnt matter at allllllll!

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