Monday, 11 October 2010

Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

Or should I say. Un-glorious Clutter?!!!

A problem identified is half solved: They say. Well I have a problem with clutter. Oh dear! *clasps hands over eyes*. I decided to sort out my shoes nicely so got some guy to make me a nice shoe rack to accommodate my excesses as my tiny living space was about to explode before my eyes. It turns out that last week I had a wedding to attend and I realized I had no shoe to wear to match my outfit. True. I am not a practical shopper. I buy stuff and realise its not my size or very uncomfortable..... like seriously Who does that?
I also come to the conclusion that I have that many shoes because I never EVER give my stuff away. I hold onto them for dear life. I have had some of these shoes for at least 6 years. About 60% of them don't fit me anymore... but I still keep them. I just enjoy the clutter. I have a problem letting go. I even have empty bottles of perfume hidden in my wardrobe (cos I convinced my best mate that I threw them away...I just can't). Newspaper and magazines from 2003. Even cracked plates. Off licence Receipts from 2004 and clothes tags. Don't ask. Don't ask. Don't judge me.
Then I realized I had a problem when I started buying same design in different colours.

After counselling from a friend, I have decided to give away half the stuff to people who might actually need them. Its hard to think I may never see some of these beauties again. In all of these, I know I could never give out my Lady Marmalade shoe (below). Its a size 41 and I am a 42... but its just so cute.

In the all of this de-cluttering experience, I have learnt to do away with the old and allow room for new stuff.


2cute4u said...

Joining you in bemoaning the divorce between you and some of your foot wears.. lol..
Nice collection though..
It happens when you don't decongest.. Nice move.

LucidLilith said...

Chei! why don't we live in the same city....

NoLimit said...

I've come to the perfect conclusion that a girl can never have enough shoes!don't blame me,blame my sisters...used to be contented with 2pairs of shoes before(black and brown)...then they unleashed the "shoe-ic" nature in me...*sigh*

I have a particular shoe in 3 different colours lol...loved the design and thought it will make sense to have them in different colours...great decision in my opinion....:)

Joiedevivre said...

Ah! Shoe heaven. Give them out to me now please. I'm salivating

Ginger said...

Green with envy. can you send your clutter my way pls?

Myne Whitman said...

And we're not the same shoe size. I would have raided that shoe closet, lol..

rethots said...


Tisha said...

nice shoes

I actually prefer flats
snickers e.t.c

except i am being a diva which only happens on special days.

Mamuje said...

Unfortunately guys I dont really have enough space for all my beauties as I live in a tiny apartment. Hopefully I would be able to afford a bigger place in the near future and move my 'herd'of shoes or better still buy new ones.

@Tisha- I so feel you on the flats. I practically live in flats!

Anonymous said...

Pls am a 42!

Give me pretty please. "shameless act, i know but allow me this one time to beg"

Anyaposh said...

Good for you. I'm moving to a new city 10 hrs away - so decluttering has become the story of my life since the past month. Go ahead & let it goooo!

Amy said...

Wow. Shoes Galore! You are definitely a shoe diva and I'm glad your retired shoes are going to people who need them :)
P.S. I see you are a fan of Aldos. I love their shoes. They are so comfy for flat footed folks like me!

Lily Johnson said...

Looks like a shoe haven to me. And I just totally adore that favourite of yours. Get yourself some space if you need it. New here and i absolutely love it!

Ugg Australia said...

Ooooooohhhhh my God! I literally am going to tell EVERYONE about this post and your amazing shoe collection in one place!

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