Sunday, 31 October 2010

The sordid tale of the Muffin top!

Well not so sordid....but quite depressing. *Hangs head in shame*
So I made a decision to hit the gym to get rid of my enviable beer gut *that's if I was in a drinking competition* and because I want to live a healthier life. I kicked beer a long time ago....well every once in a while I try the odd corona or Budweiser but nothing major like Star or Gulder. I am not going to blame my muffin top on the fact that I quit smoking after 14 years and ballooned from a svelte 8/10 to a 12/14 (and the 12 self na tight clothes)...anyway.. That's that. I have been over-eating and eating quite late. I cant seem to get enough of meat and carbs!
So luckily, the hotel 3 mins from my house has a gym and my friend who works there gave me a 50% discount for a year's membership *woohoo*. So off to the gym I go yesterday. I managed 20 mins on the treadmill and 5 mins on the stepper. Not bad for the first day....seems lifting cartons of wine had helped my stamina a bit. One of the gym instructors helped me with some stretching and sit-ups....during the sit-ups I realised that there was a mini shrub growing under my armpit. OMG, how did that happen?...I have been working long hours including saturdays. I know thats no excuse...but..... I was and am still embarrassed that I have decided to do a FULL body wax....removing every hair except my eye-brows and the hair on my head.
As if that was not enough. Some middle aged woman walked in. We were about the same size even though she looked 20 years older than me. She must have been about 50 or so. We started talking and she commended me for how well I had done on my first day... well not wanting to sound cocky I told her I was a lazy bum and that I need to get rid of my muffin top and she kept harping on about how fit I look and how much energy I had. Then she goes ''if you look this good after having Kids then you have to be proud of yourself". with a puzzled look on my face I replied "That's the point maám. I don't have kids". Madame i-know-too-much replied "You mean you have never had kids".... I replied "NO"....she stared intensely at my muffin top and I could see the blood disappear from her face. A gigantic lump appeared in my throat and I left. Feeling worse than ever before... I hoped palm oil or cold black coffee spills on her favourite white shirt someday.
I woke up even more determined to crush the belly. I spent 1.5hr at the gym today. Got in at 7am. 30mins on the treadmill...stepper, arm and leg pull....all the works and finished off in the sauna. I am home now feeling good. I have never been more determined to lose the belly/beer gut/muffin top. I am not going to give a weekly update about this. Hopefully I will keep you all appraised over the next few months when I have reached my target weight. Wish me luck.
*Pic gotten from google images.


Nutty J. said...

Don't be too hard on your self... if u can sustain the determination you have a few months u should be back to your size 10.

Keep the determination burning...and keep ur ear phones on jare so you don't have to listen to sexy 50 something yr old women....

PS: I'm I first?

Ginger said...

Sorrry oo. though I'm laughing my face off here. Muffin top is a new term for me. Had to google it. Thanks for the education. On the plus side muffins are yummy aren't they?

Mamuje said...

Nutty J- Thanks oh... I am pacing myself oh. Hopefully, I will feel much better.

Ginger-I figured it might be so took the liberty of explaining. Muffins are yummy, but I dont want to be a muffin or pudding anymore... I want to be a celery stick *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Thunder fire her lol. No worry dear, we are right there with you. I stay running 4 miles and running up and down 1200 flights of stairs because my grad students (who I am all younger than) keep calling me Ma'am, then they say you have a babyish look to your are just really "mature" (i.e. I am fat enough to look like someone's mother..nonsense). Eat well and exercise, don't do anything drastic.

Myne Whitman said...

That is a scary picture, lol.. You go girl, I wish you luck. I am so indisciplined it's untrue, my muffin top is here to stay...

T.Notes said...

Hahahahaha....even though its not quite a permissible laugh-out-loud situation!Eeeya, pele! But no worries, we got your back! Keep at it!!All muffintops must GO!!!LOL

Mamuje said...

You see took a lot of courage to write this blog now you guys are laughing at me. Ginger na you cause am oh..

Amy said...

Don't let nasty comments from strangers who should keep their mouths shut get you down! A little motivation goes a long way. You have already won half the battle but actually getting to a gym. Before you know it you will be slim and trim.

2cute4u said...

Like NuttyJ said, don't be too hard n yourself and your body.
You're not as young as you used to be so please please please, take it easy till your body acclimatises.
That said, Have a blessed week..

awittyfool said...

and may there always be sand-sand in 'HER' garri. good luck on the gym thing babe. see U on d slim side ... lol... lame, I know. could not help it.

LucidLilith said...

First of all, I am proud you. Secondly, lol at the lady's comment. Not that I am laughing at you, honey.

Please oh, keep at it. If possible, get a trainer and watch what you eat. Keep a daily food diary so you don't go over your calorie goal for the day. Use to keep you diary. It automatically calculates how many calories you have eaten each day. Find out your BMR - basal metabolic rate ... there are bmr calculators online. Then eat at that rate. Mine is 1400 calories a day so I aim to eat at 1200. Not a lot but even when I go over, I am still within the bmr range. Send me an e-mail if you need more tips.

Good luck girl - and try not to overdo it at the gym. 30 - 45 minutes a day is really all you need.

NoLimit said...

lol @ your "evil thought" on the woman's white shirt...tew funny!
All the best gal...will be coming here occasionally to cheer you on!:)

Climb2Nowhere said...

Seriously why would that woman just assume that you had kids! I don't care if your muffin top was so big it looked worse that the picture (which is hilarious). She never should of said that. That being said, good for you for going to the gym. I have been pounding cupcakes lately myself. The gym sorta saves me! Good luck and don't think about that horrible woman for one more second!!! You know you can do it! I'm depressed about my muffin top and not having any kids to show for!

Mamuje said...

Thanks and Bless you all. You guys made me feel so much better.

Ginger said...

Mamuje sweetie, honey, sugar, cream pie, muffin...but you know you look good-strike that-great! I saw the launch pix and you've got no muffin top. So don't mind that woman. She probably didn't use her eye medication (I'm giving her this long mscheeeeeeeeeeew on your behalf). Do you exercise jejeli. the whole idea is to be fit. All other good things will follow...

BenBosah said...

Way to go. Good luck. Remember it is a combination of exercise and proper nutrition. Cheers.

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