Tuesday, 25 May 2010

An Open letter to my CROCS!

Dear Crocs,

I hope this letter meets you well? So lets cut to the chase. Its been 4 years since you came into my life and I must say I have never really appreciated you. You've been with me through thick and thin...through the winter and the summers and you've been with to many countries as well. You remember when we swam in Croatia? Oh yes..you and I making a monkey of ourselves in the Adriatic ocean. Do you also remember when we climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Yes you protected my dainty feet from the cold (I don't know how you do it). I remember how you (just you and I) started the journey for the wine shop... looking for the shop, till we found the shop, going to bring the supplies, running around in the sites. it was you who was with me when I was jumping in and out of trucks to take stock of my inventory...all sticky and sweaty. You held your own weight. Only you. I became mightily obsessed with you.

Like yesterday I remember the beautiful summer of 2006 in London when you first came into my life. People received you with mixed feelings. But I knew you would go far. I couldn't bear to get another as I knew you were special. You still are. You always will be. You've witnessed the breakups, the tears, the joys, the successes and the laughter. You've also witnessed the infatuations, the betrayals and the asswipes and you've never criticised me. Not once, not ever.

The other day I came home and discovered you were out of place, you just didn't fit in anymore. Not with the platforms, stilletoes or my killer wedges or even the gladiator flats... So with deep regret I have decided to let you go.... you see this is the end of the road for us. *sniff* Times have changed and I have to move on. I will always remember you. We had so many beautiful memories together. Honestly and for that I respect you... you see, a time comes in a humans life where they evolve and move on. I have taken a lot of slack for you. People ask me what I am doing with you and yada yada yada... they criticise your looks and all that you represent but they do not know better. I hope you do not take this the wrong way. I am letting you go, to find your path.

Yours truly


Friday, 21 May 2010

Update + New baby!

First of all I am a bit relieved that I have gone far with my business project- my new baby. I am currently typing from my new office/desk/chair/even a new laptop. Yay. But I am dog tired. I finally hired a young boy to help me around the shop/run errands and take stock. I have been taking stock as well as stacking the wines on the shelves and also recording the bar codes manually.....and all that JAZZ. God is good, progress is being made and I am thankful. I am a partner at a wine shop! I am finally an entrepreneur! Waoh.... Someone walked into the shop and asked me how I felt and I replied "I feel like a mother hen who is protective of her chick?" I am planning a formal opening and wine tasting event in a few weeks. A small intimate gathering of my family and friends. Who else is better to share the occasion with?
Secondly, I went on a date for the first time in twenty years yesterday....OK, maybe not 20 but it felt like that. And for the life of me, I didn't want to be there. I am just chasing a contract o ...see me see wahala. I tried to hide my face in case anyone I knew saw me out and about town with a swagger-less brotha. He took me for dinner (ehen? I was hungry na) and a movie.... and made an effort to touch me at every given oppourtunity . When he finally dropped me off at home he invited himself in for a nightcap. Sheer impudence! I didnt give him any nightcap. My coffee/dessert wine is for me alone. I was so relieved to see his back outta the door! Phew!
Thirdly, I am deeply infatuated with someone *blushing*.... I have only known him for about 2 weeks but the interaction with him is keeping me sane. He is funny and makes me laugh out loud. That's the most I am gonna say about this topic before its jinxed! I am hoping he makes me finally break my un-vow of celibacy. Oh yes... I am hopeful. Who knows, maybe that's why every Tom Dick and Harry look like a potential zipless puck! Or maybe it might just fizzle out, but while its happening I am basking in the moment!
Yours Truly
Un-vow// A vow of celibacy taken without your own violation! Otherwise known as congeal!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Scents of the Past!

I have always been fascinated by Scents. For me it signifies the start of a new era. Using fragrances determine my mode/mood. Sometimes I might douse myself in parfum that I don’t really like because it’s a vehicle to my past. Apparently the sense of smell has the strongest ties to the memory. So whenever I use a certain scent I have used or perceived before, it makes me feel a certain way. A way that I am familiar with – Good or bad. I got this inspiration from bangs & a bun.

For instance I got an organza perfume as a gift when I dropped a bad habit, so whenever I smell it I just remember when it is I am doing wrong or right. I used Michael Kors throughout 2003 and for me, it’s a deeper meaning that most scents. It’s also a good one at that cos it represents love and passion. I can’t forget the spring/summer of 2004 in Thamesmead where I literarily immersed myself daily in Lancome's Miracle So Magic and Burberry weekend. I loved those perfumes. Kai. I always almost have a Burberry weekend on my dressing table.

The other day a male friend was wearing a cologne that my favorite ex used to wear…I started looking at him in a I-could-savagely-rape-you-right-now kind of way *sigh*. Every time I smell Safari cologne I smile as I think of my brother. Or when I think of Ultraviolet I smile as it STILL represents a special someone in my life and because I gifted it too. As much as I love the cologne Friends by Moschino, I am still indifferent when I smell it now. Chanel Chance represents Freedom and independence for me and most of all my trip to France by a ferry from Dover. I may never wear Black Orchid by Tom Ford again. It brings back bad memories for me. I associate it with betrayal, gloom and tears.

For me there is a pungent choked smell that reminds me of Lagos... a standoffish smell that makes me feel 'Welcome to London' when I disembark in Heathrow. A dodgy scent that graced my nostrils when I landed in Sharm el Sheik. For me, every place, region has its distinctive smell. Whether pleasant or pungent!

I can’t sit beside a child eating cerelac without being transported to the 80s when I couldn’t get enough of them. Or the smell of hot akara and Ghana bread just makes me feel alive..I think about those mornings in lagos boarding school. The smell of Lucozade or iodine brings back memories of when I was a sickly child and always in hospital for malaria. The best is sitting in front of a steaming plate of moin-moin or hot jollof rice that had been cooked atop firewood and a cast iron pot and I think of my childhood. Its like magic. I believe some people can almost attest to this. Most of all…I love the smell of earth just after it has rained. It reminds me of when my sister and I used to eat sand. WE WERE KIDS FOR CHRIST'S SAKES. Do scents & smells represent something in your life? Does it jolt you into the past? Do they trigger good or bad memories? Please share. Would be interesting to know your take on this.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Dude, where the f*** is my rock?

It was Autumn in Zurich and I was visiting my boyfriend who was working there at the time. and we were meant to get away for the weekend. He said he had a surprise for me. I didn't know what to expect as I anticipated with bated breath. We got on a train on the 3 hour journey to my weekend surprise. We connected through Bern and finally arrived in a small touristy village called Zermatt. Very picturesque. Beautiful. We found a cosy bar to grab a beer before we figured what next to do. Half way through beer my lover handed me one of his mobiles and said he was gonna go get us a traditional Swiss chalet and would be back in a jiffy. This would be fun. I thought. Now, the lover in question is nowhere near romantic. He never was and probably would never be. And boy, when a man hands over his phone...a mobile without a password. Ladies take a minute and imagine your boyfriend tells you to hang on to his mobile without padlock or codes the chances are (a) he is demented (b) up to something dodgy or (c) madly in love with you and trusts you with his phone. I chose to go with (c). He was back 30 minutes later. And I am not gonna tell you what went on with his mobile phone and I. I refuse to admit that I checked his sent messages or received messages or outbox or drafts *Folds arms in defiance*

He came back with a taxi that ferried us up the mountain to our Cabin/Chalet. It was beautiful. I noticed our chalet had a sauna (heaven). Our Victorian type bedroom was all white and warm inside. Then the surprise came. He told me to close my eyes. I obliged. Then he opened the doors to the balcony to reveal the most breathtaking view I had ever seen in my life. A snow capped mountain. The Matterhorn Pic Above. Right bang in front of my room. The same mountain on the logo of toblerone chocolate. I almost fainted. My eyes brimmed with tears. He goes 'do you like it?' and I go....'o....of...course I love it....I really love it'....then he hugged me tight and we began mouth to mouth resuscitation..The mood was set, then I felt my temperature rising, my palms sweaty, my pulse racing faster.... a lump in my throat as I waited for the question that was to follow.....I knew what my answer would be.... I closed my eyes but he replied with silence. I was waiting for the question. The only plausible explanation for this grand romantic gesture was that there was a square cut rock nesting in his breast pocket and he was gonna get on one semi-wrinkled knee and ask me to be his 'Mrs'. Or maybe the ring was gonna be resting at the bottom of the cheese fondue we were gonna share at dinner time. Or resting at the bottom of a cocktail glass.... and I was hoping to scream a resounding 'YES'.....but NADA happened. That was how my dreams of turning from Fraulein to Frau in Switzerland was shattered. Kai... I cant remember if I shagged him that night. I probably slept half way through the shag. I was pissed. I called Miss A in Nigeria who assured me that my ring was somewhere and I was gonna bring it back home. 'He couldn't make all those plans and not seal it with a rock'. She said.

I came back home still a Fraulein.
This was a bank holiday weekend a couple of years ago. Now I wish i pushed him down that mountain when I had the chance :-D

Hope you are having a lovely bank holiday weekend people.