Thursday, 24 June 2010

My priviledge!

At 4:20am I disembarked from BA083 with over a 150 kilos of luggage... I knew I couldn't take all that stuff in a taxi even though I had taken a taxi to the airport on my way to the UK. I had called my best friend earlier to bring my car to the airport to pick me + luggage. About 100 kilos belonged to people who has sent me to help them get stuff. A normal taxi wouldn't have carried all that stuff.

At 5.20am I was done through security checks, headed towards my car, loaded the stuff and sat behind the driver's seat. It was the usual routine. Best friend picks me up from airport with my car, then I take the driving up from that point. I always find driving therapeutic. Anyway... I was going at the usual pace...we were was we got to the best friend screamed 'WATCH OUT' and I swerved/veered out of that lane immediately as I tried to dodge an √°lmost' stationary trailer and then the next thing I knew...I lost control, veered off the tarred road completely...and headed for a ditch...I don't know how it happened but I did not step on the brakes. It was me, the steering and my faith! The car stopped finally...tyres gone, part of the bumper gone... some electrical parts were dangling from the car...but we were all safe. No dent on the main body, not a crack on the windshield. Airbag in tact!

We were obviously shaken. It was still dark.... we tried to stop cars but no one would stop to help us. We waited until it was bright, while I called home for them to come get us. Anyway, long story short, some kind guy helped us change tyres before our people came...and i sat behind the wheel again and drove the cranky car home. ALL the way. I cried throughout yesterday when I realised the damage would cost me a bit of money...The car is almost new and the parts a bit pricey and my landlord just informed me he has upped my rent by 25% just this morning. I couldn't stop crying. I was depressed, my neck, chest and back hurt from the impact. Thank the good Lord for seat-belts.

I was watching telly today and a couple lost their only child. He tried to dodge a stationary vehicle but he lost control and it went bad... he didn't make it. So I say, I am privileged to be here today and I am eternally grateful to God. We, all 3 of us came out of the vehicle unharmed. Not a scratch. Its a big testimony and I am not taking it for granted. I feel so special and blessed. I don't know how long I will take cabs for but I am happy/lucky to be alive and well.


Friday, 18 June 2010

I remain Un-vowed until further notice!

If you follow my blog you'd know I have been busy with the business and just recently started dating after what seemed like years.

So earlier this week I came to London to buy somethings for the shop as well as meet '007' my new crush (I deliberately left that out, he lives in London). Anyway yesterday he took me to the Lyceum Theatre to see Lion King and he got us front row tickets. Yeah pretty pricey, he knows how to woo a lady. Afterwards we walked trough Covent garden market, through the cobbled streets to a Belgian restaurant in some alleyway called Belgo. It was the perfect picture, romantic and quite interesting, the food was great and I even got to drink some mango beer. Quite delicious. But there was a problem. I mean the first time I went to see the Lion King in 2005, I was seated far from the stage on a first date with a certain bloke but I had a tremendous time.

The problem is I don't think he '007' is the one... even though I tried the body contact thing, still no spark.. and frankly at this point in my life, I DO NOT intend to waste my time (doing the whole dating/romancing charade and not get anywhere). Dating in itself is quite stressful, very stressful cos you have to fit someone into your time and after a while it ends. It doesn't always turn out well. I am sure you'd probably wonder why I thought I was infatuated. Well, I was but I am not anymore. I don't think he will make me break my un-vow. Maybe I am being paranoid, but I feel there is something fake about him and what he represents and my instincts tell me that I should run faster than speedy gonzales.... but then again he has thrown open an offer to see Carmen just before I leave next week. Never been to an Opera, the closest that comes close to it is Phantom of the Opera and that's not it really. I really want to see Carmen though. I really do.. *does that make me a bad person?*

I see myself going back to Nigeria without a bloody shag. Oh dear! Anyway, I am quite stressed out as I have over 100 kilos of work stuff and other people's stuff I have to take back to Nigeria and then again and the dating disappointment isn't helping matters. Now, I just want to go back home ;-( *Grin and bear babe, you have Carmen to look forward to*

I used to think I was desperate... but frankly, I just realized I am not. I am looking forward to going back to Nigeria. Back to my routine. Back to 'un-vowment'....until further notice!.


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Catching up + Growing up!

Hello blogsville,

Its been a little while and I have been mega busy. My Internet on the other hand has been acting up so its been a chore. Well.... so far, I think I am still infatuated with the guy....lets call him 007. Things are looking up. Planning a trip for work/pleasure soon to enable me spend time with 007 and get the appropriate things I need for the business, after that we will know if its for real or he is just another waka pass. I am so excited... like a kid in a candy store.

The opening of the shop was planned for the end of June but its been shifted a week further as a friend of mine lost her dad and he is meant to be buried on the day of the event (Wouldn't be nice to get sloshed in the name of wine tasting while your mate is grieving, would it?). I pat myself on the back as I am growing up and getting more considerate.

2 weekends ago I was invited to a theme birthday party and the Theme was Oscar glam. So I made an effort, removed the mop on my head and got new extensions, Wore a shift dress with gladiators heels. As I arrived the location with my friend (to my astonishment) there were actual paparazzi and red carpet. Abuja Style. I was stunned as I mumbled my way through the mini interview as the reporter asked me about my dress etc. Anyway I sat half dazed throughout the entire event and went home. Next weekend, My friend is calling me to check a certain newspaper as my picture was slapped amongst others on center page (as part of a leggings glam collection). The camera does add an extra 20 lbs or am I that fat?????!!!!! Anyway that was a certain kind of experience. Definitely. Just so you know, I have earned my celebrity status and bragging rights. You hear!!!!!

I was looking through / and I came across this lovely dress (see pic above) which I think might work well for the opening of the shop. I would like to cover my legs and breasts (most especially CELLULITE) up jare. Old age don dey come. I was thinking of wearing an African print. Ankara Which hasn't been made yet or just get a lovely Maxi dress from Asos or Oasis. What do you think? In short let me confess... I couldnt resist, I just purchased the dress online from Selfridges (as it was sold out on Asos). You only live once... if I dont wear it for the opening, I could wear it to the theatre with 007.....

So whats up in your timezone?