Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Warped info + telephone etiquette!

Life has been good, has been good and then some... I am not complaining... I am open to the complexities of life. I have been kinda busy with work and family. Lately I noticed that my body has been reacting to changes.... I have been drinking a lot of wine.... a whole lot of wine, more than I intend to. My siblings and I get together 3 nights a week and just binge on wine and food so I guess its not a surprise that I am piling on the pounds, suffering from heartburn and most recently experiencing internal heat in my body- My sister-in-law joked that it might be the symptom of early menopause. God forbid!

I woke up this morning and there was a plate of brownies and pizza (with coke) at my doorstep. At 8am this morning... my neighbour left it there for me. For me its just another kind gesture...as I love food and Coke. So there I am singing happily and stuffing my face with sweeties while my friend is suspicious....she thinks my neighbour fancies me. My neighbour who I believe is about 4 years younger than me is certainly too young for me. Besides I am not partial to cougarism. Not just yet.... If only he was 15 years older....if only....

I observed something the other day. I got 11 missed calls from the same person. If I didn't pick their call once, why will I pick the call the other 10 times? Just saying... Also noticed how loud most people set their ringing tone. Even if you want to bring a corpse back to life I doubt if its gonna be that loud. Maybe its me or just age... Its taken me 30 years, 7 months and 20 days to realise that Nigerians and especially my family are the noisiest people on earth. We should be in the Guinness book of records! Period!

I just got some warped info today. My first love just had a baby this morning...by his wife- the younger sister of my second love. How cool (weird) is that? I am wishing the newest baby all God's blessings. I hear she is super cute.

And then some useless information...
I am going green....I am thinking of recycling everything... clothes, books...even men!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Zermatt Opens for Business!

We are open for business. Officially.

I promise I would blog more as I may become freerer over the next week. Another good news is, my car is on the road. I missed my baby dearly.

Over 50 guests came along to support us at Zermatt. Friends and Family from afar. Sales was crazy. We tasted 6 different wines from 6 regions (Germany, Argentina, Spain, Alscase, Austalian and Carlifornian). Old and New world wines as well as a selection of cheeses ( Extra old Cheddar, Smoked cheddar, Camembert and Some parmesan). Contrary to popular beliefs. Nigerians love cheese and white wine!... and lots of it. The event was supposed to last 2 hours but it went on for 4 hours and some people came late because of the match.
I feel in love with some georgous bloke at the event. He came with his friends.... he doesnt know I am crazy about him and I am about to stalk him for the next 2 weeks. I hardly know much about him... all I know is that he is a HOTT foreigner, he loves cheese and wine. Thats enough to get me scheming. *evil snicker*
Please follow Zermatt wines & Champagnes on Facebook to see the full pictures and please please I need referrals.
Love of love.