Tuesday, 30 November 2010


A few sites of places/things of Interest in Belgium....
I spent hours looking for the famous Mannequin Pis, which is actually a famous statue in Brussels. In fact they pride themselves with the mannequin Pis. the chocolate shops would create a 5 foot image of the pissing boy. Imagine my shock/horror to finally find the statue and it was just about 2 feet tall.
Then I got some Stephan Dumon luxury chocolates for the special man in my life - My brother! the included some black pepper chocolates. Amazing. I even tasted the wasabi chocolates and the lavender ones.... I could go on and on...and on about the chocolates. Lets just say they are the Yves Saint Laurent of Chocolates in Bruges.... A city as small as Bruges or 'Brugge' as the Belgians call it, has about 300 chocolate shops.

Went to the largest beer shop in the world. In Bruges. I am not surpised as they have over 400 brands of beers in Belgium. Quite plenty. Well so they say... I couldn't get enough of their Mango and cherry beer. Now I understand why they are the 5th biggest beer drinking nation in the world. With so much variety to choose from even the monks produce special beer. I even got some chocolate liquer. Hmmmm Yummy. I got some chocolate soap at some point.... Everything chocolatey :)

This was the lovely old building beside the lake of love. You normal stand by it and make a wish. I didnt make a wish....!

The atomium. Not much to write about, I checked out the trip advisor and was warned before hand that it was a tourist trap. Exorbitantly prized to get in and when you in, nothing much to see.
It was an amazing trip. I still remember the sex shops in front of my dodgy hotel. I can still hear the sound of Pixie the horse's hoof on the cobbled streets of Bruges taking me around and showing me the sites. I can still smell the damp air.... I can still remember the good looking Belgian men with tight butts offering to help me order beer and showing me the map etc.... I remember the posh Belgian lasses I met at the tea houses. I remember the smell of a big plate of Entrecote steak and some lovely pomme frites to go with it. I remember the friend I made in Belgium... I know, I'd never forget Belgium. Not even in a hurry.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

From Brussels with LOVE!

Hello All,
Its been a minute...... I have just been caught up in the frenzy of business and life generally. It was my birthday on Sunday and I had an amazing time! I feel totally blessed. So yesterday I hopped on a plane to Brussels for a much deserved break. Well.....its painfully cold here.... but on the bright side... the men are riduculously HOT and friendly. I am already in love with a bar tender just down the street from my hotel. Another downer in my hotel. Didnt have the time to do a proper research. It looks like some dingy hotel where they kill single female tourists :-( if you have seen the movie Hostel 1+2 or Touristas then you'd know what I am talking about. I also noticed there are at least half a dozen sex shops in front of my hotel.... which spells out that i am living in the dodgy part of town *I want my mummy*

Today, I am heading off to Bruges alone to taste a thousand chocolates and drink hundreds and hundreds of beers *I am looking to taste some garlic chocolate* and indulge in heavenly Belgian waffles. I believe I will make friends along the way, thats how I roll..... If you all dont hear from me in a week then I have probably run off with some gorgeous younger Belgian bar tender..... yes we will run away into the sunset :-D...... I love my life.

I will blog about Bruges on another day and post some pictures too. Love and Miss ya all