Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hello Everyone.

A Very Happy New Year to you from Kenya. May all your wishes, targets, goals be achievable in 2011....

Lots of Love & Well Wishes for the New Year ahead.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Spirit!!!

Quick update....

Compliments of the season my wonderful blog family. I haven't done rounds in a while. Forgive my laziness. You see... I sell alcohol and so this is my season. I am officially overwhelmed. Yes. I am.
I didn't realise how I missed entertaining until recently. In a week I have entertained my friends twice but last night was just simply amazing....Shame there are no pictures to show... I am was too engrossed playing domestic goddess and forgot some of the good parts ;-). Anyway...more than ever I am excited about the Christmas season because it brings back fond memories and its spells the spirit of togetherness. I also have a lot to be grateful for.... though I have faced some challenges this year, I have risen above the negativity and set-backs. I am also planning a trip for the new year. Its next week and its a secret....*make I reach there first* All I can say is, there will be lots of animals and there will be lots of meat for me to EAT over New year!
No New year resolutions we are just gonna take the days one step at a time. Apart from taking my passion a few notches further. I want to start a blog solely for food. I entertain almost regularly and I try to make some complex dishes with readily available ingredients and I figured why not share it with my fellow budding food enthusiasts. So fingers crossed, it will start off in January and I will always keep my camera handy for scrumptious photos. :-)

For the Christmas festivities I don't really know what I am doing...but I know I will be in Abuja... probably organize a BBQ with friends, drink champagne and eat shit loads of meat. Flirt shamelessly with random men and dance till the cows come home. Sounds like a plan in motion already...So what will you be doing for Christmas??? You never know I might just sponge off your ideas...