Friday, 4 February 2011

How Low can you go?

How low can you go ..... Was the first song I heard as I woke up this morning and my mind drifted off to Sandra and myself and a little observation playing back and forth on my mind.

Many times some women have been criticized for being too choosy/picky or whatnot or as one friend called me the other day "high maintenance" just because I won't condone a man who asks to borrow money from me before we even start dating.... Sometimes when you know what you are worth or what you deserve why settle for less? I don't want to talk about my situation but after juxtaposing Sandra Bullock's situation and mine closely my conviction has been further strengthened that I should not date below my radar in other words, settle for less. When is it OK to marry just anyone? Will I be judged if I don't accept someone cause of his outward appearance? Must he have a degree? Should he/she come from a certain pedigree?

What was Sandra's crime? She meets Jesse James, marries him admist protests from fans/family and probably the universe. In return he cheats on her repeatedly. Just before the ink settles on their divorce papers, he gets engages to Kat Von D and says "growing old with her will be a f***king blast" and called her his best friend for sticking with him when the world turned their backs on him. He also added that 2010 was his best year. Note: 2010 coincidentally happened to be the year he cheated on Sandra Bullock! That dude deserves a royal slap!

What do you expect of a man who can boast of a porn star as an EX?! Not much.....! How insensitive and low-lifed can anyone be? Wanna bet how long he and Kat will last, given his string of past brides?

Many women and even men are single for the EXACT same reason. They are all looking for a partner that would complement them. End of..!

This blog is dedicated to any lady who has reduced her standards for love. May you find love that is well within your radar in this season of love.



Nutty J. said...

I will help them say 'AMEN" to that prayer...

...cos babes you just hit the nail on the head.

Like calleth to like...make everybody find their level

Anonymous said...

Amen! Glad to find someone who agrees with me. I'm 31 and have been told many times that I'm being too picky and will end up being alone. Well better be alone than be with someone and be lonely. I can do bad all by myself.

Ginger said...

Tell em Sista.
I think you meant to say "dedicated to any lady who has NOT reduced her standards for love".

awittyfool said...

Such deep thots so early in the morning. Sandra definately reached down into the depths of the thrash pit to pull out JJ. Was she just settleing or did she really love him? only she will know for sure and I think dat makes d difference. It's one thing to settle for some loser becuase U r afraid of being alone. It is another altogether to be with him becasue even though he is NOT up to your standards, U truely do love him.
JJ doesnot desearve a royal slap, he needs a royal foot up his ass.
Happy Valentine's day!

rethots said...

Never compromise (or lower your standards) for anything (time inclusive). After waiting this long, why compromise? If you can think the ideal you want, (s)he certainly exist somewhere. Patience.....

Why sentence yourself to a lifetime of.....

@ilola said...

You hit bulls eye big time. I have reduced my standard in the past cos I wanted to get married at a certain age, but never again. I know my worth and will live according to those standards. Nice blog you got here, I am defitely a follower.

Mamuje said...

Nutty J- thanks babe.

Anonymous- Like they say birds of the same feather flock together. I will wait for my type so we can flock away.

Ginger- you have a point there oh.

Awittyfool- I couldn't agree more. Yes, such deep thoughts. I cringe when I think about it.

Rethots- Patience my friend, they say is golden.

Atilola- it's lovely of you to visit, please feel at home. My dear, the rate of divorce is so alarming that sometimes I wonder.....

kitkat said...

i absolutely adora sandra bullocks so it really irritated me when i heard bout the whole jesse james madness.
some guys jst deserve to be sentenced for the heartbreak and sadness they cause chicks.. to all the chicks lowering ur standards and acceptin B.S from useless unfaithful dick-heads.. me when u check into mental rehab.
seriously..girls shudnt let guys drive'em crazy, xcept its in a good way(if u knoe wat am towkin about :p)

Good Naija Girl said...

I'm definitely a fan of not lowering your standards. However, I think women have to be careful to make sure that their list of non-negotiables are reasonable. As I've grown older, done more reading and questioned my married friends, I've discovered that you will rarely get every single thing you want in your partner. However, all my happily married friends feel that they hit the jackpot with their husbands, though he definitely didn't have every quality on their list. In every case he had the most important things they wanted and he had qualities that they didn't realize they wanted but they definitely appreciate in retrospect.

There's some value in not being too rigid with lists but definitely when it comes to reasonable non-negotiables, don't settle!

Nolimit said...

Some things are not worth compromising on...while some are...we learn everyday.
If he was a pig when you got together, there's no point thinking he'll suddenly change to a lion cos he won't!
All the best to every body:)

Mamuje said...

GNG - your point is valid and as I grow older I have become less rigid but looking at Sandra and Jesse, they are worlds apart. He needs heavily tattoed women to fulfill his sexual fantasies as we have come to realize. A mismatch from the onset.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Too right gal. I couldn't believe it when I read that Jesse James said that 2010 was his best year ever. What a nasty snipe at Sandra.

Love your blog by the way, I noticed you stopped by mine - Thanks!!

Ginger said...

New template? me likey!

Ibhade {NG} said...

Anything good is worth waiting for......happy val & tnx for coming over.

Mamuje said...

Annie- lovely to meet you :)

Ginger- maybe this new template will inspire me to blog more.... Who

Ibhade- yep, we will wait ooooooooo!!!

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