Monday, 28 February 2011

Whose kidney is it anyway?

So.... We had this debate. A couple of my siblings and I. About kidneys. It goes like this. Would you donate your kidney to your loved one? You trust your brutally honest Mamuje to scream a resounding NO! I told them point blank I wouldn't give a kidney to any of them. Not even my mum that I love so much. My argument....well it's easier said than done.

On my first date with some dude last year he told me he had had a kidney transplant and transplant patients barely survive 10 years after transplant....unless of course they get more donors. I also recall watching an episode of America's Got Talent last month and one of the contestants talked about how he had 3 transplants. 1 from his sister and 2 from his cousins. I commend them. I have a lot of respect for them. It's not easy to have that amount of love for a cousin, I tell ya!

I remember one of my exes who could do anything for me to make me happy. Absolutely anything. We went to Yankari Game Reserve sometime in 2005 and we were chased by at least 5 elephants. Oh boy, you need to see the way dude ran like speedy Gonzales in front of me. I could only see the sole of his feet and dust....then how can he give me a kidney?!

Anyway, my brother gave me the stare as I vehemently refused to release my kidney. As if to say 'chill out G, it's not like you've been asked to donate one yet'. He said it was no big deal as he would give his wife if she needed it. I do not believe him. I believe I have the ability to even be more sympathetic than him.

Ok, when I am old and grey and I pass away.....(of course my kids would be out of it. But God forbid that they need a transplant) I can
donate my offals to someone who really needs them. But not while I am breathing. I believe to each
his own. So tell me, would you even consider donating a kidney if someone is in dire need of it. I welcome your opinions. This should be



Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

erm erm.....while i will be sympathetic i dont think i will be able to ohhh...that leaves me with just one kidney...hian! Hope i dont even get to be in that kind of situatiion

Mamuje said...

Sisi Yemi, chop knuckle. Everyone I ask say they will give out the kidney as if it's child's play! My dear you said well. Let's pray we do not find ourselves in such a situation.

HoneyDame said...

chei...!! It is hard to chew!!!

Lara said...

It truly is easier said than done oh...I remember the mum of a friend, who till date needs kidney transplant and the father who is the only compatible one has refused to donate oh. I pray for such a thing not to happen to my loved ones

Ibhade {NG} said...

lol @ your cuz running like a speed of lightening!

to your question; CAPITAL N-O= NO!

am too selfish to give out my kidney to anybody except to my own CHILD! The blood of my blood & flesh of my flesh!

Mamuje said...

Where have you guys been all my blog-life? Quite practical and like Ibhade said unless it's my child. My blood....i won't be able to.

kitkat said...

ah..u guys!! ur own family!! it's easier said than done but i dnt think i cn leave with the thought of knowin my sibling or parent died cos i didnt give them a spare kidney..thats inhumane na..
if it was u in the situation, wont u wnt them to give theirs to u?

@ilola said...

Although it is easier said than done, I will donate. There is nothing difficult about it. At lease, you only need one kidney, so why hoard it? And after donating, you will be careful not to be drinking like a fish so as not to spoil it. What I am trying to say is that, if you live a healthy lifestyle, one kidney is enough

@ilola said...

Although it is easier said than done, I will donate. There is nothing difficult about it. At lease, you only need one kidney, so why hoard it? And after donating, you will be careful not to be drinking like a fish so as not to spoil it. What I am trying to say is that, if you live a healthy lifestyle, one kidney is enough

Nutty J. said...

By God's grace I wont be in that kind of situation

Mamuje said...

Kitkat and @ilola- let's pray none of us finds ourselves in their sort of situation. There is a reason some people lie and some others not. Same way some people share and some others do not. It's not only drinking that cause the kidneys to fail.... For me it's my body and I do as I please. I won't fault someone should the tables were turned as I am a realist!

Nutty J- Amen!

bob-ij said...

well, if the lack of a kidney wouldn't kill me or cause chronic problems in the future then I will honestly. Maybe because I am a twin and used to sharing everything. lol

I would OBVIOUSLY hesitate, but I'm pretty sure I'll go for it.


Anonymous said...

I think I would go for it. I might back out for anyone else but for my brother, most definitely I will.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I was watching "Desperate Housewives" and the character Susan needed a kidney and her family (who could have been a good match) didnt want to donate one to her and she was hurt. So this was a lingering question in my mind as well. I am not a donor, but if I needed an organ to live, I would completely want someone to donate to me..awful huh? I've heard of horror stories about ERs rushing someone 'on their death bed' to give a life-saving organ to someone who is desperately in need...I don't want someone to end my life until I am 'really dead' ya know? So its a quandry.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Oh, and by the way - thanks for your post in February...I'm back :) Thanks for the nudge. AND...there is an award there for you: Post to your page and enjoy!

SHE said...

I haven't made up my mind yet. Like you rightly noted, its easier said than done.

So no one should come and ask for my kidney!

Mamuje said...

Bob-ij- well said! But you get liver sha!

Taynement- I don't know if I like my brothers that much oh. Lol

SHE- you know what eh, I won't bother testing if my kidney was a match sef. Lwkmd

Tales of a Girl in Search of True ♥! said...

This is hard!!!!!!!!
I doubt it if yours truly can ever do it oh.

LucidLilith said...


I guess it depends on the sibling. If is any of my ne'er do well siblings, then who sai? If my mum or sisters or little brother, then yes. Cus they work hard and support one another. I guess I am not an equal opportunity sibling kidney giver....

Mamuje said...

Girl is search of True love- welcome to my blog. I like your sincerity.

Lucid Lilith- I guess you have a valid point. I don't have the same amount of love for my siblings...having said that I think I can be called a kidney racist then. LOL. I am still loling at unequal opportunity kidney giver. Ewo! Classic!

Ginger said...

I'd likely give. Cos deep down, my philosophy is that life was a gift given to me, so it should be gifted on to others. Well something like that shaa.....e no go easy shaaa o.

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