Monday, 14 March 2011

The many variants of ignorance...

 The many faces of Ignorance...
... Ignorance is saying that Dubai Airport is the best airport in the world when you've only ever been to Dubai airport....and of course MMA. Lagos!

...Ignorance is saying that ALL Nigerians are stupid and judgemental just because all the Nigerians you know are stupid or judgmental or maybe both. Including yourself. (Did you pull the statistics from your butt crack?)

...Ignorance is saying that ALL Nigerians are fraudulent just because you have received a few scam emails from people posing as Nigerians.

...Ignorance is saying all Edo girls living in Italy and Europe are mainly prostitutes when in fact you don't know any Edo girl living in Italy. It's just hearsay.

...Ignorance is saying that the average Nigerian can afford a bottle of champagne when over 60% of the population live under 200 Naira a day. (can you even define average?)

...Ignorance is saying that anything made in China is fake or substandard when the stuff you fly over to the USA to buy is actually MADE in CHINA. Surprise!!!

...Ignorance is seeing someone after 5-10 years and you assume you know and can predict the person and not expect the person to have evolved over those years. Then you are a professional ignoramus!

...Ignorance is saying The UK is boring and bland and blah blah blah, when for the last 15 years you've been going to the UK all you've ever
visited is Brent Cross...and more recently Westfields... And all the different variations of Primark!

...Ignorance isn't bliss!

If you fall into any of this category then you need to go back to basics and be educated all over again about the true definition of 'some'
'many' 'a few' 'average' and of course ultimate word here the word 'Ignoramus'.



Madame Sting said...

ha ha ha.....u r so right. People are quick to judge and generalize based on their own limited experiences.

Nice post.

Wise Sage said...

Where's the like button here?

rethots said...

Ignorance, 'tis displayed all around us everyday and in every way.

Myne Whitman said...

Ignorance can be a disease indeed. Pity that some people would rather remain with their blinkered spectacles of narrow-mindedness. Great post.

Prism of an immigrant said...

Thumbs up.

But about the made in china, there is made in china and there is made in china. The made in china stuff you buy at the dollar store is hardly the same quality as the same made in china product you buy at the department store ;p #justsaying

Mamuje said...

Madame sting- thanks

Wise sage- :-) I need to get one shey?

Rethots- ....hence the post. Thanks for stopping by.

Myne- thanks for stopping by.

Prism of an immigrant- some people don't know the difference. We know that chinese made products in the US have to meet a certain standard but some people don't even know anything about China. They just spew crap. If I were to bring certain products into Nigeria, I would require that they meet certain standards. If it's substandard then it not china's fault but the business man who ordered crap!

SHE said...

*clap clap clap clap !!!*

I was listening to some radio station once and the presenters (man and woman), were telling a caller who said he lived in New castle (or something)to come back to Nigeria because where he lives right now is cold and dirty and not any fun. My jaw dropped to the floor! Such stupidity!
I could bet my 13th month that neither of them could locate that place on the map!

Sometimes people say these things thinking they're showing off their knowledge!

Ginger said...

I heart this post. lol. Feeling you on the first and last points. Na JJC dey cause both of them.

kitkat said...

lol i agree 200% with every thing you said!
tell 'em girl :p

Tega said...

Love the post...Reminds me of that Chimamanda's @The Danger of a single story' talk

Mamuje said...

SHE-Ewo, on radio ke? I love the UK, the Country has given me so much, so when I hear people talk crap yet they do night vigil to be given visas, it just makes me livid. Wetin sef..... Who no get money go say stout bitter,!

Ginger & kitkat- it does my head in when people just generalize....

LucidLilith said...

Gbam! I took my sister to Walmart recently and she complained about the quality of things...I'm thinking what is it about a $5 tshirt screams high quality?

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

You know the sad part about ignorance? It's that you just can't cure it!

HoneyDame said...

ANother round of applause!!!

@ilola said...

Is ignorance really bliss? It can disgrace someone sometimes and put someone in trouble at other times.

Mamuje said...

Lucid- you should meet my family.

Daring to dream- well if the person is willing to learn.....


@Ilola- the post says it all.

Natural Nigerian said...

Ignorance is thinking that all married people are saints and all unmarried people are immoral, undeserving of respect and unhappy.

lani said...

clap clap clap ...

i hope a second part is coming ...

Amy said...

I love #3! I actually had one of my cowrorkers ask me if most Nigerians were into fraud when he found out I was Nigerian. wtf? I felt like asking him a similar question based on his ethnic background but I held my tongue!

Sugabelly said...

Sorry but the statement that the average Nigerian lives on less than 200 naira a day is plain wrong.

The average Nigerian does NOT live on 200 naira a day or two dollars a day or whatever.

That is just Euro-American propaganda bullshit that has been repeated so many times that it seems true.

It's not true.

The rest is spot on, but that one statement is just terribly ignorant.

Mamuje said...

Natural Nigeria- Abi oh.

Iani- my dear maybe soon oh.

Amy- I had that on a date once where the dude asked me if i was from the fraud capital of then jest. I was mute!

Sugabelly- It's obvious you havent got the foggiest clue on what I was on about. I think you just disagree with Americans/Europeans on a different level. I on the other hand, i have worked in development and poverty alleviation so that's where I did my homework, therefore I can educate you! Just say didn't know!

Ibhade said...

First..wetin make you provoke?

second? china products are in uk?..kai! i berra tell my SIL & friend who only use imported items for their children!

ignorance is not blissful?..kai! which woman wants to know her guy is *heading* another babe?..or his babe is *rocking* his best friend?. #wicked grin#

phew! glad i use SOME, in my post or else mamuje would had classified me under IGNORAMUS!..heheheee.

me likey this post o!..i laughed at some sha!

p.s,,sorry for visiting late..trying to settle down in my new job. SALES REPRESENTATIVE! kai what a classy name for a shopkeeper!..loll...hey ! wait a minute! this is very ignoramus of me!..*wink*

Mamuje said...

My sister, I have had the misfortune of engaging in conversations that ended with all Edo girls in Italy are ashawos....I am an Edo girl and don't take such things lightly,.....pshieuw

You can't be an ignoramus, your blogs are so fresh ehh and I am biased cos you are my Edo sista too. Lol a beg enjoy your new job oh.

Linda Medrano said...

I have a couple of Nigerian friends. Nicer people can't be found. Ignorance is everywhere Honey, and in every country. Good for you pointing it out!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Mamuje don vex, preach it jare! I agree 100%!

awittyfool said...

LOL... So NOT all Edo girls in Italy are prostitutes? are you SURE?!!!
Well, I may not know about that, but I do know thatthe UK IS boring, ALL things madein China are fake and substandard and MOST Nigerians have Champagne with dinner on most evenings

awittyfool said...

LOL... So NOT all Edo girls in Italy are prostitutes? are you SURE?!!!
Well, I may not know about that, but I do know thatthe UK IS boring, ALL things madein China are fake and substandard and MOST Nigerians have Champagne with dinner on most evenings

Mamuje said...

Then Ejiro you are a biiiiiiiig ignoramus!

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