Thursday, 10 March 2011

The surest way to a man's heart... with Food, Sex.....or quite frankly...maybe a rusty fork :-)....

This morning while playing squash with my coach we got into a light banter. Going back and forth as I was shedding the pounds... We compared pounding yam to playing squash and that's where the roforofo ensued. He thinks a woman should pound yam for her man if she really loves him. I think a woman has no business pounding yam as it's too tedious. It's a man's job! You eat the pounded yam, so friggin' grab the mortar and bloody pestle and get to work. Dammit.

Coach: "You know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and with sex?".....( I couldn't figure out whether he was asking me a question or telling me a fact! ....)
Me:(I paused) "I will have to disagree with you coach on that one".
Coach: A woman should be able to cook weeeeeelllll and give him satisfaction in bed.
Me: What if he has fantastic sex with a prostitute(and she is his regular) will he decide to spend the rest of his life with her then?
Coach: *he shrugs* well, you have a point there. (insert silly giggle here).
Me: If the way to a man's heart is through a nice meal and a great shag then I would probably been in my 7th year of marriage or maybe in my 4th marriage or maybe have 5 husbands at the same time.....whichever one has more significance. ( my mind drifted back to my Ann Summer days and the summer of 2006)
Coach: Heheheheheheheheheheheee
Me: *not wanting him to slow my game down* Well I am being honest. I mean if it was the case, the chefs and porn stars wont get divorced.... Or won't be lonely. I took the liberty of telling him of a couple of people i knew who where in solid marriages yet they could literarily BURN water!
Coach: .........
Me: what happens when sexual passion fizzles out? And you are tired of eating pounded yam,..... I think sex and a great meal is secondary to what men want. I believe a real man will take character over a good cook or mind blowing sex unless of course he is a professional idiot.
Coach: *mute*
Me: *oh dear, have I touched a nerve?*
Coach: I think sex should be the glue that binds them should be an added plus.
Me: You are right, sex is vital. Cooking and sex can be taught. But character is ingrained. It's developed over time. Besides it's self sustaining...

I think we ended it there....(unresolved)..... I kinda felt the reverse should have been the case. I mean. I was trying to convince a grown ass man that character triumphed over Sex/food. Unbelievable! Anyway, it was good to get a man's perspective on that. The good news is I lost 6kg over the last 6 weeks. I am enjoying squash tremendously and I am taking swimming lessons too. By hook or by crook, I must sabi swim
That's all folks!



Fluffycutething said...

If only more people had your good sense

Oh well :D

HoneyDame said...

6kg in 6weeks?!!!! damn!!! that's a lat!!!!
You would expect that the grown ass man would know better. *snort* Only reiterates that knowledge/sense is not a function of age..

Mamuje said...

Fluffycutething- Thanks for stopping by. It's a pleasure you have you on here.

Honeydame-My dear, I started with a strict diet, now I am eating super healthy and working out 4/5 times a week. I want to go back to being my old svelte size 8 self. I don tire for size 12. And my stomach has a zip code of it's own.

SHE said...

Lol @ your stomach's zip code...

But your coach had a point! some foolish men need only sex and food to follow a woman!

Ibhade said...

my opinion based on years of marriage is ; PURE UNDILUTED HAWT SEX!..period! :)

Ginger said...

@She. Yes oo. And tomorrow he will find 'the other woman' who listens to his needs and understand his business to have an affair with. msheew. The sad thing is biologically from their 30s, sex drive is all downhill for men while we women are kicking into high gear. We really should be the ones making noise about sex not them. IMO.

6kg in 6 weeks Mamuje? We need to start a TV show. Thats great!

Mamuje said...

SHE- I guess he was trying to tell me his preference.

Ibhade- I am single yet highly disagree. Sex is a factor but not the primary factor! I like to believe you are caring, understanding, intelligent etc etc too....

Ginger- I started with a very strict diet. No carbs, then balanced it out with the gym. Then I am drinking colon cleansers on a regular basis..... But ultimately I intend to use the gym to reach my desired weight. I have dropped a dress size. I want to go another dress siz...lets see how it will go.

Miss Enigma a.k.a UnderCover07 said...

Swimming lessons?? Meaning there's still hope for me to learn then. I've always loved water but my Mom was too scared to let us learn.

IMO food and sex are NOT the way to a man's heart...especially food.

There are individual characteristics that attract a man to a woman, and keep him with her...good..scratch that great sex is a HUGE plus to help in keeping the flame and excitement alive.

kitkat said...

lool! i luv that u made your point and left him speechless..served him right! mschew :p
character is really important. it shld be more important than sex or cooking skills joor

Mamuje said...

Miss Enigma- I just got back from the pool this morning where I went to do a 20 min swim and I can say I feel my muscles tighten. It's not too late. You have no idea now afraid of water I am.

Yes sex keeps excitement for sure. but it isn't what gets the heart.

Kitkat- you dey mind am? Pshieuw

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

Girl - I could not agree with you more! Well said but sorry the convo ended abruptly. I would be interested to hear his rebuttal!

LucidLilith said...

Preeaaaaach!!!!! I am so glad you put that guy in his place. Why do some people have such views? You should have told him that the key to a woman's heart is a bottomless wallet. Shio.

Mamuje said...

Daring to dream- you won't believe he brought it up this morning during our game. *sigh*

Mena UkodoisReady said...

I am proud of you loosing 6kilos! This one that my belle and hips looks like the himalayas so..! keep it up!

On topic: Meh, I see what you mean but ALL of my life, I noticed that the gender of the person saying that what men want are good character, good breeding, intelligence, resourcefulness, humility, sex, , good cook and homemaker (in that order) are the women/female.

But the men keep saying sex sex and more sex. Specifically tight, wet vagina, whore in bed, good cook, big perky breasts with nipples pointing skywards or at least pointing straight ahead (not down sha), flat tummy, killer legs, big ass...then submissiveness, shy demeanour (read airheadish) and good cook.

(Bear in mind that these sample of men includes the male pastors that marry 24 hours after their wife dies)

So I am on the fence on this one


Mamuje said...

I am on the floor. I can't laugh hard enough. No fall from fence oh.

Alexis Preatori said...

I bet your coach is older than you but why would he think that it's the surest way to a man's heart? Funny how a man would say this since its not always sex that makes a girl closer to a man's heart.

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StanNeon said...

Mina, you're really funny. Haha! I know that men think of sex every minute of the day. There are also good guys who think about many things other than sex.

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Anderson said...

Sex is a great way to sustain a relationship, and often in desperate times, the last string attached to the hook; But you're right, it shouldn't be put on the pedestal as there are tons of other things that you should consider or treasure in a relationship.

generic cialis said...

It's a reality that both gender have different visions when it comes to sexual acts.

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