Sunday, 3 April 2011

The many variants of Ignorance (2)

This is a typical scenario
Girl 1: Hey girl, I have some Brazilian weaves for sale. Would you like one?
Me: Ah, No....I can't afford one at the moment.
Girl 1: Haba, how will you say you can't afford it? Just say you no wan buy from me or you get them plenty.

(It takes little to rile me up and this certainly did. Then I had to break it down to her as if she was a 2 year old.)

Me: First of all if you know anything about me you'd know I don't own a Brazilian weave.
Girl 1: A whole you? It's not possible.
Me: Well, its possible because of what I place as priorities. I don't see buying an expensive weave, bag or shoe as an investment as some people do.
Girl 1: Ok, just buy one from me na.
Me: Just because I have 25,000 Naira (£100) or 100,000 (£400) in my account doesn't mean I can afford a bottle of champagne or some Brazilian weave. It just means I have priorities and expensive weaves are not one of them.
Girl 1: But you travel, don't you pay for your trips?
Me: Yes, my trips are priority so also is my entertainment for the month. A Brazilian weave and Louis Vuitton are not one of them. I don't own any. Not because I don't like them, I just can't afford it right now.
Girl 1: ??? (Still unable to grasp the concept of 'affordability' or 'priority') Ok o, no problem then. Later!

I don't think I have any friend who can afford a bottle of Champagne without feeling the pinch, including myself. I sell one for about $80. I agree some can afford Brazilian weaves as it's part of their budget and they can logically argue that it has a lifetime guarantee.... It's not the amount you have as your bank balance. Duh! It's what you you hold as priority. Same way some of my friends don't understand that I can't buy a pricey shoe or bag or jewelry or even register at the golf club (a friend almost almost mauled me to death over the golf one yet she doesn't understand why I can still travel and claim I can't afford things) I agree, I am a cheapskate. Truth is, something has to give. I make a few trips a year, visit new countries and explore. It gives me joy and I look forward to these trips with glee. I couldn't possibly afford all those trips and still wear Brazilian weaves and expensive gold. I am not rich. Until, I can buy the littlest of things and not feel the pinch, then I can say I can truly afford things. Some people can afford things by the status of their bank balance. I am different, I can't.

The experience I have garnered from my travels can't be impacted upon by just wearing Brazilian weaves and drinking champagne. It comes from exposure. Chai.



Ginger said...

These girls should stop vexing my Mamuje!
I think for these kinda girls, travelling is about keeping a kinda status so thats why they dont understand you refusing the weave or designer things..its supposed to go with the territory. Travel for experience/hobby/education? whats that?

Mamuje said...

You should see the look on their faces when I travel and yet do not buy a single pin, not even for myself. If I buy a gift for everyone I hold dear then i will go bankrupt. Lol Well when I am off to the weirdest places, what do they expect? Pshieuw

kitkat said...

lol what pinches me is when i travel and go home, everyone xpects a gift from me like i'm santa claus. Its like chill, u didnt give me any money to get u sumthing, and its not like i'm nt just a broke ass student. So i try to get stuff for2 or 3 friends but if u see how the others attack me.. O_o
and even the ones i get sumn for almost always complain bout hw i shld have got sumn else for them..smh!

Myne Whitman said...

I agree with Ginger here, I think most people equate travelling outside the country with status, just like weaves and stuff is for them too. Tell them to free you. LOL...

@ilola said...

As I always say, people have made the most unimportant things seem like 'life or death'. priority is key.

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

Mamuje - no worries girlie - when I win a lottery - I will share my $ with you and I can both afford a Brazillian Weave! :)

I have never been rich, but have travelled a bit (on weekends on the cheap catching sales and staying with friends)...So it can be done - but do it for you - no one else...

PS: I love CHAI! :)

Mamuje said...

Kitkat- Pele, next time what you do, buy all of them postcards to go around :-)

Myne- my close friends know me, but people who don't know me well might assume I have a money tree because I can afford a couple of plane tickets a year.

@Ilola- Abi,....well I am looking forward to the day I can afford a Brazilian weave without worrying about money.

Daringtodream- I am looking forward to it....can I get a trip to Puerto Rico instead? Seems more practical :)

SHE said...

Very annoying. You're wearing a Brazilian weave and you can't even spell Brazil.

Thanks for the gift idea. Next time I travel, I shall buy several postcards! LOL!

2cute4u said...

I've been trying to comment but I think my network's the problem..
I tot i was the only one with the mentality o..
Girlfriends want to kill me with mouth and eyes!
I enjoyed reading..
Have a great week..

Fragilelooks said...

i agree with ginger as well. i was so pissed off wen i came back from ghana and some dumb deluded friends felt like i'm in on a million USD

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Nice one! You have definitely got your priorities right! Travelling is waaaaaay better than a weave, and which of the two will you remember when you grow old?!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

Very familiar scenario and so uniquely Nigerian!

This is why everyone seems to be wearing the same hair, and carrying the same shoes and bags. The obsession with particular material things is almost an epidemic. Once one person 'rocks' it, the entire 'imustbelong' borrow, steal and beg to 'rock' it as well.

I love your attitude babe as I also prefer certain knowledge expanding experiences to the acquisition of material goods.

Parakeet said...

I just don't know where Naija peeps get that phrase 'a whole you'...gees! It pisses me off. Like you said priorities are different and people just don't understand that not all will buy into the Brazillian weave fad. I dont own any and I don't intend to.

Mamuje said...

SHE- Ewo.

2cute4u- lovely to always have you on here.

Fragilelooks- then go vex tire.

Annie- sometimes it feels as if I don't know what I want. When I seem to be the only one not wearing Brazilian.

Mena- chop knuckle.

Parakeet- some people own Louis Vuitton yet do not have a home.

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

Really sometimes I cannot understand the priorities of ladies. I saw a girl in the palms, she had Brazilian weave, gold bijoux, all dolled up and after buying her little item, she got on a bike. Now I am not saying that Okadas are bad but I would have thought she would have stepped out of a chauffeur driven car, the way she was dolled up..
For me I will rather invest in real estate, my business etc than weaves...
I love to travel to and it is very good.
I am your latest follower. I love your blog, its so cool.

Vyvyka said...

Some would give an arm and leg just to 'belong'. Belong my foot! Ladies be real. Mamuje, dont mind them; keep doing your thang. lol@the postcards

LG said...

brazilian gini???? 3 in 1 don finish for market?????? :)

lved ur reply but i dont tink u 'convinced' her sha

Anya Posh said...

LOL...babes, you make too much sensibility! My friends know me well, that Chanel purse can never equate to a nice weekend in Chicago/Texas/Philly.

I'm tired of ignorant ideas to keep up with material things when I can have immaterial experiences that last a lifetime. In the end, to each his own. One woman's brazilian is another's hot bed&breakfast in a new city! ;)

Northern Girl said...

Whoop!! Whoop! Whoop!! You needed to see how I was cheering you on as I read. Wow! This makes so much sense!!

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