Sunday, 15 May 2011

Istanbul + 127 Movie + Sony NEX-3

Hey Fellas,

I just touched down in Istanbul for a week long holiday. I am so excited because my travel buddy is meeting me from London later today, the other one is coming later in the week. Which means I am guaranteed a super holiday. I see blue mosques, lots of smiley people and shopping. This time we got a better deal on the hotel, a nice 4 star hotel downtown with a gym and Turkish hamman *can you hear me squealing in excitement?* And it's right in the middle of their most popular shopping + partying district, Beyoglu. Where all the action takes place. Bliss. We have some activities (Island hopping, Bosphorus cruise, Palace and Bazaar visits) planned for the week ahead, which I would share with pictures.

On my flight here, I finally watched onboard the movie 127 with James Franco in it. It plunged me in deep thought, with my adventurous spirit and all. It made me think of life's frailty, it made me cry and think of the guy who went through cutting him arm just to stay alive for himself and his family. It's a must watch. One thing I learnt from the story is 'Always let people know where you are going'. Dude was trapped in a boulder for about 5 days and drank his piss and blood. Kawai! 

Lets talk about my eclectic tastes. I exceptionally adore Turkish pop, folk and it's culinary delights. On the flight to Istanbul i listened to Mustafa Sandal's newest album called 'Karizma'... Powerful stuff. The guy is one of the most talented Turkish pop-stars on the planet. I remember a few years ago his album 'Kop' helped me get through one of the darkest periods of my life and I dealt with it fair and square, with Mustafa's melodious tunes with me. You should try and listen to Karizma on iTunes or something. 

I had the most amazing cheese borek for the first time in years. It's a kind of filo pastry with thin layers and layers of dough and cheese....kinda like a baklava but savoury. Ok, now I have to find the nearest outlet mall to shop as I didn't bring any clothes, as I have lost almost 2 dress sizes nothing now looks good on me. From what I hear about Turkey, it's the shopping haven for the cheap skate. I am very well pleased. Oh and I just purchased a Sony NEX-3 camera, that thing is super...hopefully I would be able to take 'almost' professional pictures.



Ginger said...

mmmmmmm You sound like you're in your idea of holiday paradise:). Do have fun but beware of the business people. I heard their 'sharpness' worse pass Nigerian own. Yet to watch 127 ours. knowing its a true story sort of freaked me out...

@ilola said...

Why r all of you goin 2 turkey 4 holiday naaa?
I hope you have a lovely time

kitkat said...

I've heard so much bout that movie, i almost feel like i've watched it already lol.
Have fun in turkey, i know u will!

Chili Pepa said...

Wow! You also felt that way about 127 hours, huh? Here's my 2 cents on it as well.

the movie shookmuckl me.

Love, love, love, your blog

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

Your trip sounds amazing! I am happy that you are enjoying it! Take some pictures and share...let us enjoy it with ya! :)

Anonymous said...

You're so exciting:) Have fun!

Mamuje said...

Thanks people, I am having the time of my life.

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