Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ramdoms [Please Read]

Well....I had to beg y'all to read oh because I notice that when you fall off the Blog Wagon, your followers slowly migrate and disappear into thin air because of your inconsistency. My dahhhlings, please come beck oh, come beck. I think I have returned from my hiatus Abi na sojourn?

A lot has been happening over the last couple of months and I have been overwhelmed...quite frankly. Anyway this is the first time I'd do a 'Random' post. So here goes my ramblings:

1. First of all I'd like to introduce you guys to my friend Duchess. Who is new to the blog scene. Show her some love as she takes us through her unique world. She is funny, bright and she is my sister from another mother.

2. After Kilimanjaro I fell off the bandwagon, I gorged on food and beer and have struggled with getting back into my routine. Luckily, I found my mojo back and have started some HIIT workouts and I am loving it, although my muscles are sore.

3. My love life (or the lack of it) has taken a different turn. I didn't know I was in a relationship until yesterday. Don't ask me how that works because I am as clueless as you are. All I know is Iaminarelationshipwithsomeoneyetidontknowiaminarelationshipwithhim! Some people have lofty ideas, who am I to break their chain of thoughts or reasoning? I like being indulged. When you get random women calling you (supposedly my future mother-in-law) and tell you about your December wedding then you realize that people take things too far or are too
desperate. Some people think that I should not set standards or not be too choosy as I am above a certain age. This African Magic story should be for another day.

4. I have been addicted to Crime TV for a while now, but lately the alarming rate at which I am glued to Crime & Investigation channel is getting out of hand. I can't get enough of 'Women who kill'..... Love Cold Case Files too. I guess that's why I am so paranoid these days.

5. Still enjoying my new flat tremendously and enjoying my own company. I think I enjoy my own company and the company of my friends too much that I don't feel the need for someone to invade that space. I love my space and I feel it's posing as a problem. I'd rather spend time with my friends than spend time with this dude who has been on my case. Don't get me wrong. I like him. I like him a lot but he isn't priority....yet!

6. I am getting a new addition to my family. I think I want a little dog. Well, Lily (my sister-in-law's Maltese) is pregnant and I have been promised a little puppy. Unless of course I change my mind....I might be getting a little baby soon.



Duchess said...

Thanks for the mention my sis..its sisters like you that make the blogging experience worthwhile...kiss kiss...

As for lowering your standards becos you're getting along in years...hmmm, I've made a mental note to dedicate an entire blogging season to air my thots on shitty mentality like that...its just crazy

@ilola said...

welikom bak. I love the way you don't feel pressured o. Thats hard to find these days

Ginger said...

hmmmm, na so them go arrange wedding under your nose and it will be a
IexchangedvowswithsomeoneyetidontthinkIammarried, lolss.
Enjoy yourself jare and pls, pretty pls get the maltese.

I am officially applying to be its godmother :)

Prism of an immigrant said...

Welcome back??? Don't know.. u weren't really "gone."

Number three.... Nne na wa o. This relationship thing sef.

Myne Whitman said...

They're already planning your wedding? LOL...Abeg shine your eyes o before some African Magic really comes into it.

Good luck with the working it, I need to get back to it too. Hmm...

Lily Johnson said...

Welcome back dear. I hope to come back soon too.
The wedding thingy is just hilarious. Keep your fingers crossed then but your eyes wide open.
i have been watching too much of the Crime channel too. Ironically, Women who kill is what i always watch.SowhatupwithusnaaMJ. Lolz

Mamuje said...

I have missed you all oh, Ehen....this marriage matter don taya me oh. I have told the guy I want to break up because we might be laughing about it and the guy may be making serious plans. In my place, if dem shoot gun for your head na marriage be that. I can't help laughing at how serious the dude and his family are taking it when I haven't even given him a handshake. Na so dem dey marry?

I am considering the dog oh. They are very dependent animals. I don't need something to cramp my style.

I have missed you all dearly. I will be clocking in regularly oh.... Anyway, back to watching Crime & Investigation channel and night night folks.

morayoJones said...

Just stumbled onto your blog from someone's else's blog. Hubby and I have been talking about getting a Maltese because I hear they are good for people with allergies. I think it's awesome that you did Kilimanjaro - even attempting it is an amazing feat!

Nutty J. said...

Welcome back... berra straighten that guy before time would pass and you find urself stuck there. Na soo yoruba boys dey sabi date girls without the girl's consent... and their mothers r always ever ready to start planning things.

NoLimit said...

lol!!! very random indeed! Totally looking forward to December... your supposed wedding day!
Plus congrats on the new addition:D

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

Hey Lady - welcome back to blogland! Kind shoutouts to Duchess! Congrats on your relationship! And glad you are back on the healthy habits after your binge (we all get there at some point). And if you get a puppy...I sure hope you post pics!

Elcy said...

I enjoyed reading your blog MJ. My sister Duchess and yourself are good writers... I will certainly have to take a sit behind the both of you, lol. I haven't blogged in ages..meaning years and that zeal has still not been restored...and I don't care much as my plate is very full for now. I could of course push things aside and activate my creative writing grey cells again but I need motivation, serious one!
I read you climbed or attempted to climb the mighty Kilmanjaro??? for real? wow, my respect! whether you attained the summit or not, you are still cool for me, lol ;)
Anyway, I like all your stories. Keep writing.
Tata for now, Elcy.

HoneyDame said... sister too was in your shoes when we went to Naija last christmas. This guy kept talking about how they took walks to the sunset prior to her trip abroad. We couldnt laugh enough. Yours sounds very hard core though. Let's know how the wedding goes...hehehehhe...#you-gotta-love-phantom-relationships#

Toinlicious said...

Stumbled on ur blog from Ginger's and i'm loving it and following.

I love "women who kill" too and my mom thinks i'm morbid. As for Duchess, She's d best.

er, so how did dat African Magis story happen again?

Duchess said...

Babe, I hasn't see you arand blogsville for awhile...hope notin is wronging?

Just gave you an award...check it out here:

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