Monday, 28 February 2011

Whose kidney is it anyway?

So.... We had this debate. A couple of my siblings and I. About kidneys. It goes like this. Would you donate your kidney to your loved one? You trust your brutally honest Mamuje to scream a resounding NO! I told them point blank I wouldn't give a kidney to any of them. Not even my mum that I love so much. My argument....well it's easier said than done.

On my first date with some dude last year he told me he had had a kidney transplant and transplant patients barely survive 10 years after transplant....unless of course they get more donors. I also recall watching an episode of America's Got Talent last month and one of the contestants talked about how he had 3 transplants. 1 from his sister and 2 from his cousins. I commend them. I have a lot of respect for them. It's not easy to have that amount of love for a cousin, I tell ya!

I remember one of my exes who could do anything for me to make me happy. Absolutely anything. We went to Yankari Game Reserve sometime in 2005 and we were chased by at least 5 elephants. Oh boy, you need to see the way dude ran like speedy Gonzales in front of me. I could only see the sole of his feet and dust....then how can he give me a kidney?!

Anyway, my brother gave me the stare as I vehemently refused to release my kidney. As if to say 'chill out G, it's not like you've been asked to donate one yet'. He said it was no big deal as he would give his wife if she needed it. I do not believe him. I believe I have the ability to even be more sympathetic than him.

Ok, when I am old and grey and I pass away.....(of course my kids would be out of it. But God forbid that they need a transplant) I can
donate my offals to someone who really needs them. But not while I am breathing. I believe to each
his own. So tell me, would you even consider donating a kidney if someone is in dire need of it. I welcome your opinions. This should be


Friday, 18 February 2011

Love and other stories...

Last night, while chaperoning my friend on his beer drinking parade which in my opinion is happening all too frequently (His beer drinking i.e) but that is another day's blog. I met a couple. I have seen them together a few years ago. We belonged to the same watering hole. They looked sorta odd. With my 'people watching' experience I kinda assumed she was probably too good for him anyway. Fast forward a few months later, they had a child together. Anyway out of curiosity [tatafoness] I asked them how long they had been together (as I noticed she didn't have a wedding ring on). He replied they had been together for 7 years. Waoh. I had too many questions at once. I mean, 7 years and you can't keep your hands off each other? You have a baby and yet unmarried? You don't even live together? How does this work? How can you even be with someone for 7 years and still love them this much? There is always this voice within me that tells me I couldn't possibly love someone more than a couple of years. Is it different with me or does everyone have such morbid thoughts sometimes.?

They both smiled. The lady seemed feisty and the guy rugged yet gentle with her. He said simply. ''I love her....she is my life....I love her''. She on the other hand was brutally honest ''there are times when I want to kill him, when he is really pissing me off.'' I urged her to go on ''There are times when I don't even see him for weeks, but in all of this I have come to realize that love is not a feeling. For me, it is a decision. I have decided that this is the man I want to be with and stick with through thick and thin''. It made me have other ideas. My mind drifted off to people I decided NOT to love and people I chose to love. Then I looked at my friend beside me and thought if love is a decision then I have decided NOT to love this man.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My version of Valentine.

Ah the Valentine has finally washed over us and we can now breathe.

I have come to really appreciate the dynamics of the Valentine's day brouhaha....Its all a commercial gimmick or should I say ploy and it works. Now that I am in business, I can finally appreciate it. I really, really appreciate seeings lots of REDs and 'Be Mine' slogans everywhere without feeling nauseous or feeling the green-eyed monster erupt within me. Sadly Christmas and Easter have been thrown on the bandwagon and the true essence of those holidays have been lost in thin air....but for a few. Anyway, before I digress. I was trying to make a point. Now, I am not fazed by these holidays as I can now create/re-enact the perfect scenario for myself without expecting anything from anyone. I can now appreciate life and love in a different way without tying its umbilical cord to chocolates or a cheap perfume.

Anyway I decided I was going to spend the evening with my friend last night, just talking, playing who wants to be a millionaire and drinking some Coca-cola...maybe have some chicken in order...but last minute I decided against it. So I made a reservation at my (new) favourite restaurant. I invited a friend who agreed to come along. We sat down and talked through an amazing 5 course dinner with coke (I have ended my affair with wine albeit temporarily). We discussed the dynamics of being single in your 30s, men, women and we ended it with being very grateful for our lives and where we were currently at. We ended dinner gracefully after a couple of hours then went over to my brother's house for a night cap. Quite a lovely evening. I went to bed feeling really good and grown up.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who cakes, teddy bears or Valentine gifts of any sort excite (I must admit I have a DEEP love affair with the colour RED, give me a red ruler or pencil and I am jumping for joy.). I am quite happy with having just amazing people around. Which I have ever so often. It just makes me realise that I get/give love all the time not just on Valentine's day. So tell me, how did you spend your 14th day in February?


Friday, 4 February 2011

How Low can you go?

How low can you go ..... Was the first song I heard as I woke up this morning and my mind drifted off to Sandra and myself and a little observation playing back and forth on my mind.

Many times some women have been criticized for being too choosy/picky or whatnot or as one friend called me the other day "high maintenance" just because I won't condone a man who asks to borrow money from me before we even start dating.... Sometimes when you know what you are worth or what you deserve why settle for less? I don't want to talk about my situation but after juxtaposing Sandra Bullock's situation and mine closely my conviction has been further strengthened that I should not date below my radar in other words, settle for less. When is it OK to marry just anyone? Will I be judged if I don't accept someone cause of his outward appearance? Must he have a degree? Should he/she come from a certain pedigree?

What was Sandra's crime? She meets Jesse James, marries him admist protests from fans/family and probably the universe. In return he cheats on her repeatedly. Just before the ink settles on their divorce papers, he gets engages to Kat Von D and says "growing old with her will be a f***king blast" and called her his best friend for sticking with him when the world turned their backs on him. He also added that 2010 was his best year. Note: 2010 coincidentally happened to be the year he cheated on Sandra Bullock! That dude deserves a royal slap!

What do you expect of a man who can boast of a porn star as an EX?! Not much.....! How insensitive and low-lifed can anyone be? Wanna bet how long he and Kat will last, given his string of past brides?

Many women and even men are single for the EXACT same reason. They are all looking for a partner that would complement them. End of..!

This blog is dedicated to any lady who has reduced her standards for love. May you find love that is well within your radar in this season of love.