Friday, 27 May 2011

Wedding in absentia...

Wedding in absentia.....Yay or Nay?

I called my banker the other day to get some information about my account and she told me she was on her honeymoon and away from work. I was taken aback because the last I knew she wasn't seeing anyone and suddenly she was married. I congratulated her and asked about her husband and she said he was in America.... While I was trying to figure out how there was a honeymoon without a 'honey' she dropped the bomb that the wedding was in absentia. *long pause*....That sounds plausible...a marriage without a groom and a honeymoon without a honey. I mean, seriously it doesn't. Whats the rush anyway? Even a shot-gun wedding shouldn't be done in absentia. Something doesn't feel right. I could never feel as if I am properly married. Having a parent or a sibling absent from a wedding is bad enough but my better half is waaaaaaaaay out of the equation.

Long distance relationships are bad enough, but a marriage by proxy is much more than I can handle. More often than not a marriage in absentia occurs as a result of visa issues. I find its all too rampant in Edo state where I come from, a few months ago my mum was gearing up indecisively for a distant relatives wedding in Lagos.....a few days to the wedding she casually dropped a hint that the wedding was in absentia as both the bride and groom won't be present for the wedding as they both had visa issues in Germany. The look on my face told her what I had in mind. She wasn't going for any wedding where enlarged framed photographs were used to represent couples on their wedding day. In some cases where one of the couples was present (usually the groom is away) they use a representative, especially someone close to the groom, like a cousin or someone who knows a lot about the groom. In the 21st century where technology is readily available, there could be a conference call or a webcam where groom sees what's going on throughout the event.

Dare I say I am a helpless romantic and for me I can understand an introduction ceremony but a traditional or white wedding is totally out of the question. For its its more physical that anything else, I want to hold him, feel him and touch him on my wedding day. If distance is a barrier then I am afraid our love is just gonna stand the test of time, test of distance and test of time-zones. I don't think my heart can't take it. Sorry, it's a big NAY from me!

Joking apart, I can understand how a wedding in absentia operates but what goes on during a honeymoon in absentia? Don't tell me it's phone sex and skype sex all the way? Bladdy hell?!

So tell me, what are your opinions about a Wedding in absentia?


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Turkish Delight...

Thought i'd share some pictures with you...
Below is the best meal I have tasted this year, called the sultan's favourite. Its a popular Ottoman cuisine of lamb chunks, aubergine and potatoes, kind of like a moussaka. This was exceptional. It was like a celebration was going on in my mouth.

This is Istikal street. The most famous street in Istanbul. Shopping and eating or smoking shisha, this is the place to hang out.

I went to the famous Grand Bazzar and the colourful ceramic plates caught my eye...

In the old city called 'Sultanamet' they have the famous Hagia Sophia, a church that was turned into a mosque. Its an architectural paradise.

Yesterday we took a ferry cruise along the Bosphorus and the picture below is a sultan's palace. Beautiful...i tried doing the panoramic sweep but I am still learning how to work the camera.

We also visited the Egyptian spice bazaar where we got lots of dried figs, spices and locum also known as turkish delight. Then the guy tried to sell us local afrodisiac as you can see below.....

An array of colourful spices.

Yesterday night we went to see a Sufi musical Concert, where monks chanted and danced in whirl like manner for 30 minutes non stop. It was compelling and thought provoking. It was weird as we werent allowed to applaud or take pictures as it could hinder their meditation but trust ya Naija sister and her new smart camera.

I have a thing for hammans ever since my first bath in Morrocco, the Turkish hamman looks like this. The pic below is the one in my hotel, they scrub off the dead skin and literally massage you with a soap till you pass out from relief. Amazing stuff. Me and the girls are Hamman hopping as we cant get enough.Bliss! Its something one must try at least once in their lifetime.

Anyway tonight we are going to the famous Ciragan Palace Kempinski hotel for dinner. Yes, we are all gonna dress out in glamorous dresses and eat expensive meals and drink water. Alcohol here cost and arm and a leg because they try to promote local liquor which is called raki. It tastes like Sambuca and its very potent. Anyway, the men here are ridiculously hot and have a penchant for black women. If i dont blog by next week then I may have stayed back and married a gorgeous Turk....


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Istanbul + 127 Movie + Sony NEX-3

Hey Fellas,

I just touched down in Istanbul for a week long holiday. I am so excited because my travel buddy is meeting me from London later today, the other one is coming later in the week. Which means I am guaranteed a super holiday. I see blue mosques, lots of smiley people and shopping. This time we got a better deal on the hotel, a nice 4 star hotel downtown with a gym and Turkish hamman *can you hear me squealing in excitement?* And it's right in the middle of their most popular shopping + partying district, Beyoglu. Where all the action takes place. Bliss. We have some activities (Island hopping, Bosphorus cruise, Palace and Bazaar visits) planned for the week ahead, which I would share with pictures.

On my flight here, I finally watched onboard the movie 127 with James Franco in it. It plunged me in deep thought, with my adventurous spirit and all. It made me think of life's frailty, it made me cry and think of the guy who went through cutting him arm just to stay alive for himself and his family. It's a must watch. One thing I learnt from the story is 'Always let people know where you are going'. Dude was trapped in a boulder for about 5 days and drank his piss and blood. Kawai! 

Lets talk about my eclectic tastes. I exceptionally adore Turkish pop, folk and it's culinary delights. On the flight to Istanbul i listened to Mustafa Sandal's newest album called 'Karizma'... Powerful stuff. The guy is one of the most talented Turkish pop-stars on the planet. I remember a few years ago his album 'Kop' helped me get through one of the darkest periods of my life and I dealt with it fair and square, with Mustafa's melodious tunes with me. You should try and listen to Karizma on iTunes or something. 

I had the most amazing cheese borek for the first time in years. It's a kind of filo pastry with thin layers and layers of dough and cheese....kinda like a baklava but savoury. Ok, now I have to find the nearest outlet mall to shop as I didn't bring any clothes, as I have lost almost 2 dress sizes nothing now looks good on me. From what I hear about Turkey, it's the shopping haven for the cheap skate. I am very well pleased. Oh and I just purchased a Sony NEX-3 camera, that thing is super...hopefully I would be able to take 'almost' professional pictures.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bucket Lists!

When I set my heart to do I goal, I become obsessed with it and try to achieve it. I eat and breathe it. Unless of course it's not in my heart. For instance I have always been drawn to challenging tasks so I did sky-diving, even though one of my greatest fears is heights. I mentioned a while back that I would like to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Let's get one thing straight, I am not much of a hiker or mountaineer but I have become obsessed with it because I was told NOT to do it, I have been discouraged by family and friends. Well, I get where they are coming from but I believe it's my business. Therefore, I will attempt it. Well, the time has come, part of my recent obsession at the gym is as a result of Kilimanjaro. Now I have 2/3 months of intense training, mainly walking at a high gradient. I need to be at the gym 6 times a week for at least 75 mins and hike at my spare time. Now my main task over the next couple of weeks is to find hiking boots to break into before my scheduled climb. Last week I met some new guy at the gym who climbs mountains on a yearly basis, so we've been sort of training together. We went rock climbing over the weekend, the twin peaks overlooking Abuja....they were quite steep, yet scenic, although it was for only 1:15hrs it still hurt like hell the next day.

I going on holiday next week (do not fret, I don't intend to derail from my plan as my hotel has a gym and a pool) and I intend to stick with it. Good news is, I am required to eat as much carbs towards the start of my climb. I have been consumed with reading any sort of literature partaining to mountain climbing as well as an extensive research on appropriate clothing, food, Altitude sickness etc. That's where fear creeps in. Altitude sickness can kill. So I am well versed and prepared. I pray to God I make the summit. I know I will. For me it's deeper and more personal. I am sure when I reach the summit, I'll know. Nothing good or exhilirating comes easy. I know it's an extreme challenge.

Oh and you guys will partake. I am planning to raise awareness and money for Scoliosis and endometriosis (2 of my closest friends suffer from it) while I do my climb. I know how some people are skeptical about giving money to Charity especially for feats like this. Well, this is different. BecauseI am paying for my climb. I am not asking for donations to climb at all. (donations or not, feat must go on). I will be setting up an account with Just Giving and any money paid there will go to Scoliosis UK. So not to worry. It's safe and secure. I will keep you appraised on my training progress as time comes along. Wish me good luck :-)

‎:"Everyone has mountains to climb, sometimes those mountains are in our minds. True triumph is about trying whatever the result"- Unknown