Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fitness and more.

Some of you might be aware I started a journey to Fitness a few months ago. Happy to say I never veered off that path. I hardly ever derailed. It almost became an obsession even. I started working out about 4-6 times a week. Sometimes I even worked out morning and evenings. Mornings being my favorite time. Then I plateaued! Every Fitness enthusiast's nightmare!

I changed my fitness regime. I played squash 4 times a week. Stopped. Used the treadmill (which I hate which so much passion. I always feel like a lab rat whenever I am on it). Stopped. I recently started hiking with a group, which I totally enjoy but it's twice a month. I started aerobics. I stopped. Sigh. So if you have any brilliant ideas regarding enjoyable fitness, i'd be happy to hear it.

Last week I got a Nintendo Wii, sadly I am already bored.

I have been hearing of Zumba fitness, so yesterday I decided to try it out. It was really nice, lovely but in all honestly that's what I do at home. I love to dance in my room in front of my mirror and wine my waist like there is no tomorrow. I don't think it's worth it to pay N2000 to go dance with other people when I can bust some serious moves with my Patra collection in the comfort of my bedroom. So that's that. Besides, our Zumba fitness coach is rather on the big side, which put me off. I am now a size 8-10 UK. It's only fair that whoever coaches me on anything relating to fitness is fitter than myself. I need to see what I am buying.

For a while now, the Tennis coach at my gym has been trying to convert me into a follower. I have been quite hesitant until he blew my mind away saying he'd give me free lessons. Who doesn't like osho free? So today all prepped up I went into the court. I don't know if it's me or
him but I didn't like the way he kept barking orders 'go left' 'go right' 'stop standing, move it!!!!''s been a while since I'd been put in such a spot. I was a hot mess, all over the place. All the balls flew outta the court..... I am usually very focused and a quick learner but I don't think he made it easy for me. I think i prefer squash as its got a higher impact *sorry Nadal*. He has 'ordered' that I show up tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it. Kai.

Anyway, plans for Kilimanjaro are underway, I keep fit regularly. So far I have lost about 11kg since march. Now I carry a 6kg backpack whenever I am on a stepper or treadmill. For cardio basically and I am trying to keep my knees strong by doing lunges and weights. *sigh* it's been tough but the end result is going to be well worth it. Hopefully in a month I'd be on my way to the summit. I am keeping my fingers crossed, although I am petrified of the possibility of acute mountain sickness, I am still optimistic because I have the opportunity to what I have always dreamt of. I have already set up my page to raise money for Scoliosis UK, so once I am certain of the exact date I will start raising funds.

On a tangent, it's payday today. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Let's hope July is a much better month than June was :-)


Monday, 20 June 2011

So, you made a 2:1. Then get a job!

I made a 2:1 and I am unemployed...

So I am sitting on my bed pondering over what happened the other day with my staff. I employed her because she said she needed the job, even though I felt she was 'over qualified' for the job. I mean who has a 2:1 and works in a liquor store? Only in Nigeria. I made it my mission to help her find a better and more respectable job in a good firm, with the chance of career progression. On her CV, she studied accounting and made a 2:1. I spoke to a couple of people and in a week she got an interview with a reputable firm. I was certain she'd get the role...until the interviewer (and uncle) asked to see me the next day. The day after he interviewed her.

"The girl failed the interview big time. She couldn't even define accounting" He cried. "she is the dullest person I have ever interviewed in my entire life. I cant even make her an office assistant let alone a trainee accountant" I cringed in embarrassment. I mean what sort of person did that make me if I had a poor sense of judgement? I was furious! This is the sort of problem we face in Nigeria and yet people scream unemployment. It begs the question, how can someone so daft make a 2:1 in Accounting or even a 2:1 in applied gardening? if not for the appalling state of the Nigerian educational system. So how did she make her 2:1?

I remember someone in my department who made a 2:1 and when we went job hunting she was too frightened to go for the shell interview she was called for. Does it mean that only a handful of people in Nigeria today are truly deserving of impressive grades? For instance in some Universities I know of, the lecturers may deliberately mark you down unless he is bribed or unless you buy his hand-outs which you do not need. Some Nigerian citizens are quick to point their fingers at the government for underpaying lecturers and the poor state of the schools. But what about the students and their parents who fork out thousands of money so they can buy an impressive degree? Then later cannot defend the said degree to get a good paying job. Isn't it worrisome that most parents now send their children abroad for a better education? Even the Presidents, Governors and Minister's of education send their children out of Nigeria to study. About 50% of people I know have one or two foreign degrees because it's now the way forward and because of it's authenticity. Is anyone doing anything to turn this around? 

Apparently a tiny number of employers in Nigeria are now more comfortable employing people who make a 3rd class (or someone with a foreign degree) or Pass as opposed to 2:1 as they know some people who make 2:1 now is because they can afford to 'block' or bribe their lecturers. So what hope is there for people who cannot send their children abroad or bribe their lecturers? What a shame!


Thursday, 9 June 2011

My miracle abode.

I am sitting in front of my notebook wondering what title I'd give to this blog. I have MIA for the last 2 weeks, I have barely done the blog rounds. my apologies people but there is a valid reason for that...So, here it goes.

My landlord gave me the quit notice about 6 months ago and as soon as he did I started looking for a place and found 2 places in fact. My sister was supposed to relocate with her family to Malawi and pass on the house to me and a client had bought a property and he was giving over his flat for me to rent. I was ALL set to go when I called both of them to remind them that my rent was expiring and I needed to take over the flats (whichever one was available first). That's when story entered. For some bizarre reason they were no longer moving out. The pair of them. Oh, and they didn't deem it fit to inform me, the almost-destitute. Then out of the blue my landlord calls me to remind me I have to vacate his flat. If you know anything about Abuja, they collect 2 years rent in advance, agency fee and in some cases service charge from new tenants. I was screwed. I was stressed. Where was I going to see a nice flat for the budget I had? Y'all know how house hunts can be especially when you have no clue if you'd have a roof over your head in a few short weeks. I tried to keep my cool. My acne was tripling, I was praying *worrying a bit* and keeping the faith.

Long story short, a miracle happened. I got an extra bedroom for the budget I initially planned from someone who wanted to vacate town. I paid NO agency fee...since the guy was leaving to another town, he left me the curtains, the ACs (3 of them), tiles, gas cooker, fridge and the jackpot, A Generator all for FREE!!! I paid a year and a half's rent for a 3 bedroom for the price of a 2 bedroom and I got the items listed above. I moved into my flat today. I didn't need to paint or pay for any electrical works as the flat was all ready to use. If it's not a miracle, then tell me what is. Part of me feels I am gonna wake up and the dude will demand all his stuff back.....but I know deep down thats not how God works. His ways are not my ways. I feel the space is too huge and wonder what people might think, I mean..... But then again when I think of the circumstances surrounding the flat hunt and how I was hounded to take this flat, I feel good. So I am spending my first night here today and I am ecstatic the hunt is over!

I have decided to sublet the other room to expats who want to stay for short term. I am sure it's gonna be fun. I mean who wouldn't want to stay with me? Heheheheeheheheh

Now, *cracking my knuckles* I need to plan my house warming. I have already started planning the menu for the dinner parties to follow :-) What I love most about the house is the fact that I am gonna have a dining table. My former flat was so tiny, I could hardly fit myself in, then in a twist if fate I am living in abundant space.