Monday, 31 October 2011

Untitled (Cant think of anything right now!)

Hey people, Its been a long road. I have been MIA over the last 2 months. Sorting out my life and basically trying to find my feet is different facets of my life. Its been awkward. Some Nollywood type scenario going on in my world.... luckily lets say I am positive there is a rainbow somewhere.
Recently, I discovered that a gentleman I was involved with(He was lying about his situation) was getting married and the only reason he isnt still married is because there was an accident (that claimed one life) a few days to the wedding and it was called off. I found out I knew the bride. I have known her for over 16 years and she filled me in on the details. I wasnt going to rat him out. I wished them all the best. To this day he denies he was going ahead with the wedding. He said he was actually planning to call it off when i found out he actually had a fiancee and was leading me on. Which makes me believe he orchestrated the accident. If na you wetin you go think?!

The out of nowhere, I had a nasty bout of food posioning that almost crippled me. Nasty, Nasty, Stuff!

Over the last 10 days there has been tragedies in my family. We lost a staff ( in a ghastly car accident) who has worked for us for over 15 years (some relatives are still in hospital from the aftermath of the accident) and last week my younger brother passed away under very bizzare circumstances I dont want to talk about. Talk about Nollywood. Naija style Drama. Anyway, lets say we encounter circumstances that make us get close to God and you realize its a very evil world out there.... so its either you are with the forces of Light or forces of Darkness. This is like the script of a tacky nollywood movie. Just too weird...

Then some sunshine came into my life amidst all these chaos. I got my puppy. A mix between a Westie and a Maltese. She is so precious yet very naughty and causing me sleepless nights (I am not enjoying having poop all over my, office floor, bed and pee on my carpet). Potty training is much harder than i expected. Now i get the full meaning of 'dog breath'....Chei.. Lordy, i need to brush her teeth/tongue/gums every now and then. I named her Latte. I couldnt think of anything else (that hasn't been taken) so white so I decided on one of my favourite coffees.

My Birthday comes up in exactly 3 weeks. I don't want to celebrate. I just want to sit down with one good friend, have a glass of wine and reflect on my life. Its just been too weird. Thank heavens I have you guys and I can come here and let my worries on this platform. Now back to doggie mummy duties. Much love y'all:-D