Thursday, 17 May 2012

Aso-ebi maybe

Hey blogsville.
Kai, I have been missing in action here. My apologies. I have been busy and coupled with writer's block I haven't been able to come up with any exciting post until yesterday when my Sister-in-law and I had the most unusual conversation.

We (some members of my family and I) have been invited to a three day wedding next month. The couple are not Nigerian and the father of the bride asked us to come dressed in our native attire to showcase our rich cultural heritage. Whether we have that in Edo North, I am not sure. Anyway, my graceful-fashionista-beautician sister-in-law is in charge of the aso-ebi. I mean there are only 5 women coming from our family but we have decided to pick a uniform. So yesterday I was summoned to get a sneak peek of the fabric we will be wearing. I may not be a fashionista but i know an expensive fabric when I see one. After evading the repeated question of How much? How much?  She finally said well for a wedding like this we cannot go there looking like peasants. its N51,000 for the whole thing. N51,000, $319, £195.... that's for the fabric alone. We haven't even talked about the tailor...shoe and bag. Then I started sweating profusely.

Everyone knows me, I am not an aso-ebi person. I never was or will even be. I don't even invest in Ankara. I know 1000% that I would be wearing this outfit only once. I know it, I can feel it. "I don't think I would even invest this much in my own wedding" I retorted.... "What sort of wedding do you want?" she asked. "Well.....something small...just me and him walking the beach in Zanzibar or something.....I don't want a fuss" smiling sheepishly. "TA.....Beach ke? That's how marine spirit enters people. Are you an ogbanje?....In fact just show up and leave the rest to us" * I guess my wedding plan is sorted then*... "I don't understand why you can spend so much money on food and travel and not to beautify yourself?" she quizzed.... "I am wearing it only once and IT IS NOT MY WEDDING" I replied defiantly.

A lot of people would argue that the aso-ebi is a part of our culture but for me I disagree. I think its just a way to rip people off. I am not a big fan of it period. Instead of spending that much on an outfit especially when you are not the one getting married why not invest in a nice gift for the couple?

Anyway, my sister-in-law agreed to pay half the Aso-ebi amount and is giving it to a VERY good tailor too. I am also believing she will provide the jewellery I will wear.....



Miss Enigma said...

Omo mehn! That's a lot oo! I always say I dnt know how people in Naija do it. On a salary that's not a lot to start with, you now spend 51k on aso-ebi alone, meanwhile you've not bought wedding

doll said...

that's quite pricey!

but with asoebi matter people cannot be pleased. during my time my SIL bought an asoebi of 35k and nobody bought because it was @="cheap". another SIL had to order from Oyeog, cost was around 75k, that one was sold out!

Personally, i couldn't be bothered, any group that organized had to do that on their own and at their own cost including logistics

Mamuje said...

Yes N51k is very very pricey in my opinion. I don't consider spending so much money for clothes a wise one especially for an outfit i'd be wearing once... the only reason I am agreeing to it is because I am getting 'help'.... Everybody knows their pocket and how their priorities are. I work hard, I dont have a money tree anywhere oh. Haba.

Toinlicious said...

Aso Ebi is just a menace. That was how my boss' daughter gave out aso ebi for 165k. I was conveniently busy for that wedding ni o.

P.S: I tagged you in the Elevens. Please check my blog for details

@ilola said...

I don't like Aso Ebi and I am not gonna use it. If my mama likes, she should do, that's her bizness.

@ Toinlicious: Ahn ahn, dats too much. For what naa?

Myne Whitman said...

Hahaha, you have a lovely Sis in Law :)

I'm also not a fan of Asoebi's especially when it starts to compete with some people's monthly salary. And like you, I know it will rarely wear it afterwards.

Mamuje said...

Toinlicious- If na 165k aso-ebi then I believe they are having the wedding is space bah?

@Ilola- your mama will like oh and you will wear that aso-ebo whether you like it or not.

Myne- My dear you are so correct. Competing with people's salary is certainly out of order. If they must then stick to the usual 3-4k per Ankara.... I understand some people use it make money during the wedding. Which begs the question...If you dont have enough money why have a lavish wedding? Haba!

Ginger said...

Mamuje you fall my hand seriously. you cant spend 51k on nice lace?? wink wink

I understand my dear. I think that aso-ebi trend is crazy. Its not even culture anymore. Its become so competitive. The more expensive the more exclusive you are supposed to feel (hence the logic in Doll's story). me I no fit. My Boss had a rule of 'no aso-ebi' and its not like she couldn't afford it. But she has kept to it and everyone has gotten the message - don't bother. I wish I had her will....

CherryWine said...

I have a completely different opinion to everyone's so far. I actually LOVE aso-ebi (peeking from behind my fingers) It is one of my 11 random facts. Whilst I agree that 51k is very pricey and 165k...Wow, see my blog for what needs to be done before getting me to shell out such a 'ridonculous' price for clothes.I like Aso-ebi particularly ankara...i.e. the cheap and cheerful stuff. I like it because I don't really have to worry about what I will wear to a wedding. I just buy the material, doodle a style on a paper napkin and hand it over to my extremely good and extremely cheap tailor and I'm sorted. But I do agree that people now take the piss and use their aso-ebi to rip people off particularly this new under-lining material people now use for aso-ebi. Terrible stuff but super expensive. I've learnt to avoid that one. Give aso-ebi a chance. You'll be glad you did. Lol.

Mamuje said...

Ginger- *Clasps hands over eyes* How i take fall you hand? 51k for this subsidy era? Na wa oh. Hehehehhe

CherryCoco- I feel you sha on the Ankara 'movement' but all these ridiculous lace prices scare the bejezus outta me. Dem talk am say 'To start ajebo no be problem, na to maintain am'

Anya Posh said...

that price is too crazy abeg! ahn ahn, what the heck? if it was for your OWN wedding then maybe I can justify the splurge but why pay an arm and a leg just to avoid the appearance of any affiliation with the peasantry? yikes.
sheehs, naija people and our obsession with projecting the most expensive version of ourselves. abeg i don tire.

Mamuje said...

You dey mind them? hehehehhee

Fluffycutething said...

To be honest i'd buy it if i could afford it....

I think Cherrywine just sums up my thoughts nicely!!!

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