Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This one really hit home.

"I am dreading the flight to Lagos. I hate local flights, they are not safe. Why does Emirates only have to go from Lagos?" cried my sister-in-law
"Fly Dana, they are the most reliable. For me, I hate waiting and they've proven to ALWAYS be on time" I replied. I hated waited for anything not even flights.
"But you were supposed to be in Lagos this weekend?" She continued
"I didn't feel up to it, even though my ticket is a restricted one..I wonder what I would do" as I scoffed fried rice in my mouth

This was the conversation that took place on the 3rd of June a couple of hours before the ill-fated Dana crash.

I was due in Lagos last Thursday, the 31st of May because I thought I had to pitch my business proposal in person. I was told after I bought the ticket that the presentation was meant to be pitched online. I did my best and sent in my pitch just before 2pm on the 1st of June.

Earlier in the week, I was wondering what to do about my ticket as I bought a restricted one. It was going to cost me about N24,000 to change the dates so i figured i will go to Lagos anyway, at least I have friends there and also attend the birthday party of one of my friend's sons. But this time, i just DIDN'T feel up to it. I wasn't motivated enough to go. In April I was in Lagos almost every week. I fly DANA everytime. They were safe and I loved their tiny bottles of water... besides I loved the red colour. I love going to Lagos but in this instance, I just wasn't feeling it. I toyed back and forth with it but decided to let it rest. I knew I was going to lose the ticket but I didn't worry. I stayed back in Abuja.

So imagine my shock when I heard that there was a crash. Dana air. Supposedly the most safety- conscious-time keeping-reliable airline crashing and killing my friend's brother and my prayer partner's best friend. A few others I have had the opportunity of meeting in person.

My return flight was supposed to be the flight that had just landed before it plummeted and eventually led to a horrible crash. That plane had flown a couple of times that day. It was a faulty plane. A ticking time-bomb. it could have crashed at anytime. Anytime....I am not better than those who lost their lives nor am I more perfect than those kids who were roasted to death. What was their crime? It's so heartbreaking that a family of nine (9) were wiped out in that crash. I am just very humbled and grateful for my gut instinct and the gift of life. Exceptionally grateful.

This unfortunate incident is a call to action.  I don't have the energy to blame anyone. There is a need to re-evaluate our lives and relationships and just re-discover our purpose on earth. Most of all, as a nation to re-evaluate our priorities and CONSCIENCE.


Pic: Google Images


Myne Whitman said...

Thank God for your life. It really could have been anyone. May the souls who left rest in peace and God console those who mourn.

@ilola said...

I praise God for your life. I remain speechless at the thought that it could have been you

doll said...

wow!!! Thank God for your life and may God grant the friends and families of the departed the fortitude to bear the loss and grant the dead eternal rest.

P.S i loved their red mini skirts and the small water bottle as well.

Like Myne said, it really could have been anyone. i'v flown dana countless times

foretag said...

Thank God for mercies...we do not know why this happened but its so painful. I personally know the lady that died with her family. It's very heartbreaking to imagine what must have crossed her mind when she saw her kids and herself dying but could do nothing about it...

Just like you, I do not have any energy to blame anybody. This is just another reminder of the essence of our living in this world. Who are we? How is our relationship with our Creator and with other humans?

Qmoney said...

I just had goose pimples all over!
Thank God for you

SHE said...

We thank God for your life.

We pray for the families of the victims.

Fluffycutething said...

**hugs** i'm just still i shock. Maimuna was a dear classmate and i really can't bear to imagine the agony her kids went through!!!

Fluffycutething said...

**hugs*** i'm still in shock. Maimuna was a dear classmate and i cant imagine the agony they all went through... those little ones? Lord please have mercy :(

Mamuje said...

Its incredible how interconnected we all are. The globe is getting smaller and smaller by the day.

Fluffy- The Maimuna story is so heartbreaking but I know that the God i serve will never Mismanage our lives. It is well oh.

Ginger said...

Mamuje, hope you are feeling better now. So so tragic! So so cruel!

I cant help but plead God's mercy on us. I feel so helpless. The tragedy was caused by so many interconnected errors and mismanagemant. Who do you blame, who do yu leave. It is all of us.

'Lara said...

We sure need to re-evaluate our priorities as a nation...the nation is just been run my mad men.

Ema Leecious said...

I rejoice with you my sister.

Lily Johnson said...

*hugs* I am so grateful to God for your life Mamuje. It could have been anyone. May God continue to protect us all. It is just too sad...

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