Monday, 23 July 2012

Show me your plate and I'll tell you who you are.

I am one of those people who can tell a person's personality by how they react to food. Especially food they haven't eaten before. In that vain, I kinda group potential dates by how they react to food. Its understandable as food is one of my greatest passions and the way I treat food is the way I adjust/treat/handle different facets of my life.

For instance I am very observant and when my friends eat I can pretty much tell one person's personality to the next. It's simple. Your attitude to food denotes your readiness to embrace change. Your open mindedness and sometimes 'wordliness'. I remember the last dinner party I had at home. I cooked something even I had never eaten before. It was wolfed down in nano seconds and my guests thanked me for it.  Some weren't crazy about it but they all tried it and gave me honest feedback. That's why they are my friends. They are open minded! That how life should be approached.

So imagine my disappointment when I was 'scoping' this guy and I gave him a sweet snack to try. He tasted it and spat it out. Sacrilege! That singular action of spitting out a sweet altered my perception about him totally. I could visualise a rigid, close-minded person that would do me absolutely no good, Someone who wouldn't take risks and was very 'safe'.. I know many people who would try it and say, "I do not like it" as opposed to spitting it out. I try most things (as long as it isn't life threatening) and if I don't like it, I do not try it again.

I remember my first experience with Hawaiian pizza. I have never liked a sweet and savoury type combo. I do not like sweet and sour chicken. I do sweet or sour but never together. Nothing has changed on that front. So a friend brought a box of Hawaiian pizza to my house and I put my fears aside and took a bite. I focused on all the flavours and textures then it started to come together. I seemed like i had had an epiphany. Hawaiian pizza has now become my pizza of choice.

I have dated the 'hearty eater'.... a guy who was so generous and caring. The 'glutton' is the greedy and stingy one. For instance you and a guy sharing spring rolls, if he doesn't urge you 'the lady' to take the last one on the plate. He is stingy. Quote me.  The 'finicky eater', is the self-absorbed whinger.... The 'foodie'...the helpless romantic and the 'Serial Indomie eater'...stay away from those kinds they have nothing but mediocrity to offer you.

I may be wrong but these are my findings, I believe it works differently for different people


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EDJ (Ego Du Jour) said...

This sounds like a good plan however I don't know if it really makes sense when you think about it.

Consider the man who spat out the sweet snack, does that indicate an inability to embrace change or just lack of manners? Neither is good, but you see my point...

Just saying, embracing change and spitting out food you don't like or not trying new food are two very separate things.

Mamuje said...

Ego du jour like i said it works differently for different people. This is the yardstick I use and it works for me.

Miss M said...

You know i wanted to disagree with you when you said it turned you off that a guy spat out a sweet you offered but getting to the end, i think i completely agree with your analysis of the kinds of eaters. Totally. I have been there a few times myself. i wish i had known this then, i would have saved myself some heartache.
Then again none of these eaters tells you exactly how long they will stick around, alas.

Prism of an Immigrant said...

My experience supports your findings. If a person can't be open-minded to something as simple as food, which carries minimal risks/consequences --of course, with the exception of cases involving food allergies-- then forget about the person being open to things such as nontraditional ideas, decisions or ways of life that carry greater consequences.

'Lara said...

I used to be open-minded with regards to food till I caught an allergy from eating everything that comes my way. It does not mean I am not open-minded or willing to change. I am just been careful with life.

Like you said it works for you.

Myne Whitman said...

I agree on a general principle but sometimes, and I wish it happened more often, people surprise you.

LadyNgo said...

Hmm, i would agree if i didn't personally defy your theory...

Toinlicious said...

If anyone judged me based on my eating habits, they'll be so so wrong :)

@ilola said...

Loooolll. I agree with the embracing change part, but not the serial Indomie eater one sha.

Ginger said...

I dont judge people based on their attitude to food but i think your observations are spot on mostly and it applies to both male and female i tell you - someone who is not receptive to new things including food is hella boring!!
And that you are heart-eater doesn't necessarily mean readiness to try new things. he may just like his poundo and egusi morning afternoon and night :(

Mamuje said...


Thank you all for your comments. I know it may sound/seem absurd but I think it has been working for me.... and like Ginger said, it works for both sexes but it may not always be true. ;)

NoLimit said...

Interesting! I wonder what category I will fall under...:)

itsjustmedaringtodream said...

Thats very interesting. Thing is with me though is that I dont eat fun foods - but out of necessity..when I stress I just dont eat (I drink) what does that say about me? Oh, I guess I am just luck that I am not a guy! LOL!

Ella dice beautiful, suena como libertad said...

Ayyyy! i liked it! This is fabolous.

SHE said...

I agree with you but I know there are exceptions to the rule.

I also believe that people's food habits are usually similar to their sex habits. So a man that cant say no to food, even from a stranger, will find it hard to say no to sex, even from a stranger!

Call it my silly mind if you will, but there you are!

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Tiyan said...

You are spot on! I do the food assessment too and it is very indicative and revealing. Hmmm I think I just found a blog I love more than mine. :)

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MPB said...

Oh shit what does this say about me? I will try anything once, but then as a result of all my trying i am a finicky eater and I do love my ramen noodles!

MPB said...

oh and ps i am female