Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Politician and the Chef!

What makes an amazing subject of discussion when having a great time with friends? Friends talk about different subjects from different facets of life. Politics. Travel. Responsibilities. Relationships. Sports.  General tatafo ramblings.....You name it, there are no boundaries. I love talking for the whole of Nigeria but I have noticed that when the subjects of Politics or Sports arise, I am usually more silent than usual. I barely have anything to contribute. I don't have enough information to back up any arguments laid before me.

Yesterday I was having drinks with friends and one noticed how quiet I was when they were bashing Goodluck and asked why I wasn't involved. I am yet to decipher if he meant 'Politics' or 'Political arguements'. He urged me to take a liking to politics. I find a lot of energy is being exerted when the matter of  Goodluck or our failed leaders arises. When such energies should be channelled into doing something more productive. Frankly i think it leaves a lot to be desired when people keep bashing and bashing and bashing. Its exhausting for me to listen to. I have come to the realisation that anyone in the place of power would be criticised. Whether a head of a house or even the head of a church or mosque. You name it....let alone a president. Constructive criticism is good. Bashing is Wrong. The only thing I have to say is 'Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown'. After all, I never even voted for the guy. I believe I was churning our recipes on election day. The discussion yesterday inspired my Facebook status today:

"I almost never engage in political or sporty type discussions because I have such limited knowledge of it. On the other hand, if you engage in an argument with me about the different types of Pulses, Coffees, Cheeses or why cast iron is better than copper pots I'd probably beat you to it. So whether Goodluck wore shoes or not is NOT exactly my problem....."

On a tangent my topic of interest is Food and Travel, so much so that i invested in a new gas cooker. I just couldn't resist. My old cooker was tired and had served me gloriously over the years. It was given to me second hand and we created some amazing memories together. Anyway, I bought the Gas Cooker and realised after I had gotten home that I was too broke to buy proper food to cook on it. So I am on an Indomie parade until the weekend when I set off to get my proper qualification to become a chef. I present to you, the new addition addition to my family. Ms Ignis
I adore 'her' so much its unbelievable.


Tiyan said...

You have become my sister in my head! I have found a blog that I love more than mine. Your new purchase is a beauty!!! Enjoy it.

Mamuje said...

Tiyan, thanks for stopping by. I love my new beauty. Thanks again. X

Lily Johnson said...

You are so right dear. These people tend to forget that the people in power are also flesh and blood. I don't do the bashing thing too. How does that help exactly?
Your cooker is a cool one. I'm sure you would have a sweet time with it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! To your comment on politicals n their silly bashing arguments!
I thought I was the only one who felt this way!


Sophie Amelia said...

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