Wednesday, 17 October 2012

One Night in Paris

I was flipping through blogs and  stumbled upon Ginger's blog on travel and I must say its so apt. I forgot to share my Parisian experience. Too much was going on. Anyway, It occurred to me that I have been to some of the most interesting places and I had never been to Paris. I went to Calais, France once but never made it to Paris. Who goes to France and not Paris? Well.... That's a story for another day.

So while I was training in London. I took advantage of the Eurostar and my almost expired Schengen visa. As the culinary capital of the world, I had to see for myself. The food and dining experience was exquisite. The French hospitality is legendary for being AWFUL. It is the cesspit of hoity-toity(ness). For the life of me, I cannot understand how people so vile can produce such amazing food. Anyway enjoy the photos.

I had the best macaroon I had ever tasted in my life made by the Famous Pâtissier Pierre Herme

The gardens around the Eiffel tower

It was nice to see Mr Eiffel. Gorg!

I ate this Ishpan. (Basically a large rose flavoured Macaron) I had an epiphany. I cried. Pure Deliciousness;)

Views from the Eiffel tower with my 55mm lenses. ;)

Walking along Champs Elysee

Arc de Triomphe

Happy to be at the Louvre.

First meal in Paris. It was AWESOME! Surly waiters but delicious food.

I was so HAPPY to see Mona Lisa. She is stunning!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures?. Having said that, I would never attempt Paris on my own again. I would definitely want to experience it with someone special....or at least someone I can whine about the French with. All in all, I am not in a hurry to go back to Paris.



blogoratti said...

Beautiful pictures, I'm sure you had loads of fun. Cheers!

Luciano said...

lovely pictures.
the food looks super delicious

Unveilinggold said...

LOL @ vile..

Nice pics

Amy said...

I have never had a macaroon but my oh my do they look absolutely delish.

Myne Whitman said...

Great pictures, I look forward to visiting paris properly one day.

Ginger said...

Surly waiters, delicious food; this french people really vexed you but you gotta admit that if you come from a city that is as globally renowned as Paris (see Paris and die etc etc) you might be hoity toity lol.

p.s. had to google macarons. Thot it was the pasta variety.

p.p.s. Thanks for the cross link. I see Paris in my travel plans next yr God willing.

mstizzle said...

Every country with their idiosyncrasies. I'd love to visit France. Paris, South of France and even enter Monaco. Sigh...
Traveling alone is for the adventurous :) but yeah, it's always nice to share experiences with loved ones.

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Gidan Nodza said...

*jealous* I want to be you in another have all the fun and adventure!

Cake and Socks said...

"I ate this Ishpan. (Basically a large rose flavoured Macaron) I had an epiphany. I cried. Pure Deliciousness;)"

I just met you, but i love u already!

Bridget Hall said...

Another great destination for a first date with a hot guy you just met from some dating sites (especially if he's a steaming french lover type)!

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Clickmama said...

where did you eat the food ? Going to paris soon and looking for restaurant recommendations...