Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pet Peeves...!

Growing up there are some things which we partook of. It was seen as the norm and we went with the I grew older my views on many things changed. Some people think I am over-reacting, they believe as Africans there are certain things that we must do and be part of but I think I am reacting with the confinements of what is the appropriate thing to do. Below are a list of things that rile me up to no end.

1. Showing up unannounced. I don't like it. I don't like it at all. It irritates me. It doesn't matter who it is. Unless we share a house together, you have no business or office showing up at my house uninvited. The most irritating one is when they come and I am not in they call to say "I am at your office/house, where are you?". Why didn't you feel the need to call before coming? I don't get it. If you are in the area can't you just call to say I am around instead of barging in. I don't like over-familiarity. The ones are just make me cringe is if when a man shows up at my house. There are 101 things I might be doing that I may not want any intrusion.

2. Nagging- Lets say I totally get it when a man doesn't come home to a nagging wife. This is targeted at everyone who nags. "Why don't you return my calls?"...and when I call back "Why didn't you pick your calls earlier?". Seriously guys!

3. Eating when on the phone: Oh dear...... He/She decides he/she wants to hear my voice when he/she has food in her mouth! *Smack* *Chew* *slurp* Revolting!

4. Text Talk. My mum is the number 1 culprit. She is a professional text talker. I mean a 66 year old woman. Seriously Mum! She can re-write the entire bible in text talk. I rily h8 wen pple tlk w txt. I fnd it disgtn and rvoltg! For me I think it takes a lot of thought and concentration to READ text talk. It's too much hassle. Why not say 'DON'T' instead of 'DNT'? are you quarelling with 'O'..what the hell do they have against vowels? I tire.

5. e-Terrorism. These are a special type of cretins and can be find largely congregated on BBMs and sometimes Facebook. They clog your inboxes and messages with broadcasts, spewing all sort of blasphemous jargon. "Forward to 10 people if you love Jesus". I secretly hope that all those electronic terrorists disappear into oblivion. I hope a virus creeps into their computer and corrupts their system. I wish upon them a lot of Trojan in their iPads, iPhones, BBs, Laptops etc

6. CAPS TEXT. Some people don't know that if you type a complete email in CAPS, YOU ARE SHOUTING AT THE RECIPIENT!!!!!

OK....RANT OVER! These are my pet peeves, whats yours? :-D



Fluffycutething said...


Funny just a few days back i was discussing with a friend how text talk just absolutely drives me mad LOL

Prism of an Immigrant said...

This is funny. I liked number

Luciano said...

I'm with you on all the points.........totally!
*now forwarding to some people*

Toinlicious said...

Lmaooo @all. That nagging thing is just bleh like seriously, leme alone!! I've had to remind a friend that i am neither his wife, girlfriend nor even best friend so he should relax on the needy-ness aarrrgggg

I sometimes do #4 *covers face* though not as bad as what you typed up there.

LadyNgo said...

I don't even like text talk in actual text messages. I hate to see it anywhere else lol.

I'll never understand the whole dropping by unannounced thing because everyone i know complains about it when they aren't in mixed company but they continue to allow it because they don't want to be judged or whatever.

Nutty J. said...

Your pet peeves are my pet peeves

Unveilinggold said...

LOL I like number 5...I concur and say AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

I am guilty of number 4 sha, it's even showing up on my work stuff ^-^

mstizzle said...

I'm guilty of number one o but with veeeeery few people. I still agree with it though and all the rest are spot on. Lol @ your mum rewriting the whole bible in text talk.

Myne Whitman said...

The nagging and text talk, my worst! As for e-terrorists, I just delete.

Gidan Nodza said...

I hate text talking too, and you see it everywhere, on blogs and other social network sites...people cannot spell properly anymore. E-terrorism is annoying and people that go ahead and follow/share/like/broadcast same are even worst.

Mamuje said...

At least we are all agreed that E-terrorists should disappear ;)

aloted said...

i also hate people turning up unannounced. grhh

I used to do that forwarded emails 11 years ago when email and internet just became hubby still teases me today- he calles me the mother of forwarded messages.. how embarassing.

now i cant stand it...

doll (retired blogger) said...

text talk, eating with your mouth open, blackberry broadcasts,

2cute4u said...

I had a laugh here!
Funny, Interesting.. Point taken..
Mine is such a long list I wouldn't even bither.
Sometimes, I wonder if I would ever get to 'like' anything since I pretty much 'don't like' a lot of things..
Its been a while here... Good to know you are okay..
Formerly (2cute4u)

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Daughter of Her King said...

Wow... you are such a rib cracker..
Goodness u cracked me up with your wittiness in most of your post.

I love your pet peeves. I also don't like everything you stated esp eating on the phone, Text talk and e-terrorism.

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