Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Randoms: Diplomat, Big titles...Introducing Gina Cooks!

Hey sweetlings,

How is it going oh? I have just been busy oh...'like everyone else'. :-D

Anyway oh...abeg, please, ejor, wohwoh....you guys should like my FaceBook and follow me on twitter:  @MsGinaCooks  for my recipes and get your friends to 'like' it too Biko. I need all your support.

Ehen oh, lately I may have been pheromonal oh...the way I have been warding off men these days has been alarming. I can honestly say I am NOT doing anything differently.

On a tangent, my neighbour upstairs is meant to be a 'diplomat' from one of these West African countries. The dude is an older guy. A few weeks ago the guy gives me some Sallah meat (while I was away for my brother's wedding). I was grateful. With his recent 'behavior' I don't know what to think again. The guy wears  eye pencil Tiro/Tozeni/Kajal permanently. For the last 2 days there has been a mortar and pestle pounding day and night....night and day on top my room. I am assuming that his bedroom is right on top my own. I am not averse to other West African delicacies but I am sure they are not too different from ours which doesnt include non-stop pounding. So, I have made my conclusion. My neighbour is a Native Doctor! Now, what do I do with the ram that I greedily and excitedly accepted?  In my mind, I have de-accepted the meat. Food will not kill me o.

This morning I was watching NTA news and Charly boy was being interviewed and among his many titles I saw 'Social Engineer' come up. I was a bit perplexed. I don't understand how people throw big titles up and about. I am an advocate for social change and I recognise people who promote positive change, but where does Charly Boy come in? I may be wrong but does anyone know what social entrepreneurship schemes he has birthed or encouraged? My response to that is, 'Mr Charly Boy, if you are a 'Social Engineer' then I Gina, I am a Kitchen Astronaut and a Pot Chiropractor'.



Anya Posh said...

Hahaha! Native doctor indeed. That's the only reason he is wearing kajal: to sharpen his third eye to see thru his floor into your room!

Ok, pot chiropractor, I would've socially engineered a moniker for myself too but I can't think of anything now. Lol!

Mamuje said...

Anya, kai you are worse than me. Hehehehe, my neighbour's tiro wearing act is downright scary!

Luciano said...

lolllllll...........you're too funny. herbalist indeed

Unveilinggold said...

LOL chei

Myne Whitman said...

He's probably pounding his tiro, and maybe it's all innocuous, but I look diplomats with one eye sha. Most of them are spies and do sundry stuff for their governments.

Congrats on launching your cooking gig, let me go check it out.

Ginger said...

LOL! On the positive side, you can hook up with him and get a decade's supply of the eye-stuff. It might have other benefits. Did I hear a God forbid?
Congrats on going public with your cooking!

Anonymous said...

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