Friday, 20 January 2012

What you dont see on FACEBOOK!

She updated her status for the umpteenth time in 12 hours 'Off to lunch at the OXO tower' I sneered with envy. Its either she is sky diving or globetrotting in South America.... clocking up the miles.
-When she goes home night she cries because she hasn't had a date in 8 months and no man wants to be with her for her attitude stinks to the high heavens. For all you know, she may be trying to 'belong'.

She posts her picture of her palatial mansion on Facebook. Fluffy lapdog by her side, while a diamond bracelet dangles on her bony wrists. She pouts. I hate her annoying pout. It doesn't change the fact that she has my dream kitchen and has 4 kitchen staff. She displays all on FB for all to see. We look and envy and wish we were like her. We wish we can have a glimpse of what her life is like.
-When she goes homes at night... the man who provides all of these for lays his hands on her at will. No one sees her black eye.

He is off to Jamaica this time. Picture perfect... he has grown a little bulge from all the gorgeous Caribbean indulgence. He is frolicking with scantily clad bikini women with taut bottoms. He is envied by how many he has scored. He shows another picture of a nice buffet spread with all the tasty delicacies Kingston town can offer.
-What you don't see is that the inspiration behind his Jamaican trip was his recent divorce. His wife banged his best friend. His heart aches badly. He is binging on food and rum and darn he cant get his hands off spliff. Shagging scantily clad women is the last thing on his mind.

She updates her status about her dad and how much he was her best friend and all that jazz. She went all crazy on FB when he died. She lost her best buddy, her anchor, her pillar. She lost the ying to her yang.
-What you don't see is how she truly feels about him. She is indifferent about him. She may even hate him.

She is married to a rich man who owns all the choice cars. She is jetting from Country to Country. She is married to a busy professional who is barely around. He is too busy.
-What you don't know is that he cant stand her guts. Its only a matter time he will walk out on her.

She keeps posing and pouting and updating every minute she is at a pool party, house party, party party. Owambe and all of them...
-What you don't know is that she has failed her professional exams for the 3rd time.

We hardly ever see what's behind the scenes. Do not get carried away by people's status updates or profile pictures or Home Videos. We never even see beyond the smiles and perfect pictures. Things are hardly what they seem. If a life seems too perfect...then it probably is. So the next time you see an update saying 'I Am Happy'..... take a step back and say 'If you are so happy why do you feel the strong conviction to force it down our throats?'. On that note I say MAY OUR LIVES BE AS AWESOME AS WE PRETEND IT TO BE ON FACEBOOK.
Happy New Year Darliiinnnngs x

I know its a tad late. Its been a very hectic year and my puppy Latte died last week. She is in a better place