Saturday, 24 March 2012

It doesn't come to you by chance.

Life is spiritual.

No. I won't get all spiritual up on your ass. A bit philosophical maybe.

I have been pretty silent. I haven't had the time to blog, not because I had nothing to say. In fact I had plenty...but I didn't want to get TOO personal.

I had an epiphany recently. I was turning 32 and it suddenly hit me. That all the challenges, failures, mistakes I have made didn't just happen. It was meant to happen and I am thankful. I was more or less going through a furnace. A burning one. Believe it or not everyone is carrying some sort of burden around. No one is free from this.

My puppy didn't just die. I didn't just lose that business. I wasn't disappointed by that person by chance. These things are orchestrated to make your life a breeze in the future. To make you a better person and teach you that life is not all about skittles and toblerones.

I believe there is also an optimal balance in life. A precise equilibrium. To be honest me thinks Life is very fair. Some people are RICH and others are POOR. Some are TALL and some are SHORT. If the world was perfect and everyone was the same and happy, then I can tell you for free. The world will tilt over and it would end. The guy who is poor feels life is unjust and feels unfairly treated. Truth is I have come to believe that the man who is poor has that which is embedded in him to make him rich. The rich kid doesn't have it so is under the umbrella of a rich father. I bet some poor tall guy would wish he was Danny Devito, funny and rich. What I am saying is, wherever you find yourself is where you are meant to be at that time. You have what it takes to get out of it if you look deep within. Next time you feel let down or disappointed or unhappy with where you are....think deeply! You are broke today so you know how to manage better in the future. You may have failed that course so you can be much much better at it when you try again. If that bloke left you, then his sorry ass is more deserving somewhere..let him go. I don't know what you may be going through but you'd smile later. So it isn't bad luck, it may just be one of life's lessons :-)

I'd share a small story. Last year I couldn't afford my dream house because it was too expensive. 2 times my proposed budget. Anyway I got another place and I loved it. A couple months ago I jogged past my dream house and it was a shadow of its former glory. It now looks like a Barracks. I laughed last. On that note I say, be happy, be grateful and be wise.

On a tangent, I went to Vegas last month and had the opportunity to see the Chippendales. What a joy. Totally. ...I mean, what beats 12 scantily clad men grinding on a stage with barely anything covering their taut buttocks. Shiet!!! Oh No, I didn't gamble. Not my thing.... it was more of a culinary expedition and I loved it. So what have you guys been up to?.


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