Monday, 28 May 2012

If God spare us....

....I hope we spend another decade on this earth.

I am very tolerant of ALL views. I am tolerant of same sex relationships/marriage/transsexuals... You name it. I am tolerant. For me, it is a signs of the end times. I am very tolerant, but it doesn't mean I subscribe to it. Everyone has the RIGHT to do what they deem fit with their lives. Who am I to judge how they feel or why would anyone claim they understand how someone who was born as a man suddenly has the strong desire to become a woman?. I think its the bravest thing anyone can do. It is very brave.

Then there is the 'Asexual'. What in hell is that? Seriously

I don't get it. I probably would never. Then there is Mao Sugiyama from Tokyo, read the full story HERE!
Don't know if you've come across the story.

Basically, dude decides he doesn't want to be associated with any sex. So gets his penis cut off and decide he will cook and sell them to the highest bidder. He was 'lucky' enough to get 5 buyers. He 'braised' them as one article described and garnished it with parsley.

As an aspiring chef, it made me cringe. I could barely sleep on Saturday night. What on earth is happening to the world? 20 years ago, life wasn't so complicated. Now people make carpaccio off their genitals and it makes news! So cannibalism seems to be accepted!

From what I gather, what made God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah is certainly less than what is going on in the world right now. It is well.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Do yourself a favour! Think....

.....You would thank me later.

I went to my brother's office to see him and I was waiting and chatting with the Secretary. I have known this man almost all my life and i know he has worked for this company for ages. So i asked him out of curiosity "Uncle, how long have you been working with this company"....With the widest Cheshire cat grin and so much pride he responded "I think about 25 years now".

He has been working in the same company as a SECRETARY for 25 years. My interpretation is...What a wasted destiny. How else can you explain our family senior driver who has been working for us for about 30 years?. Senior Driver or Assistant driver, you are still a driver and it denotes a lack of progress.

I was chatting with a young girl a couple of days ago. She is light skinned, chirpy, full of life and full of promise. We got talking business and she goes "I am an entrepreneur.....a fashion designer"....Have you ever wondered how many fashion designers we have in Nigeria? Everyone who can sketch a dowdy looking dress and hire 2 or 3 tailors in their garage is now a fashion designer. If you fall into that category then you are a 'tailor'. Its an easy escape route. Everyone is either a fashion designer, an events planner or doing 'supplies' (for the guys). People are afraid to think anymore. About a decade ago, it was Senegal and Dubai it is fashion design. People don't know what they were placed on earth for. I mean how can you explain 4 close friends being fashion designers.

When was the last time you birthed an idea? Think...

I am glad I finally found my calling in life. 2 years ago I was still struggling to find my feet. To find my bearing. I was working in a bank then set up business at the insistence of my elder brother. Then I sat in my really cosy office one day and thought...after this WHAT, WHERE NEXT??  So do I want to go down life as a drink seller? Most certainly not!!! I slowly saw my life ebbing away rapidly in front of me. It wasn't what I wanted. I have big dreams. Huge visions. I made the mistake of sharing a snippet of my vision with someone I really looked up to and his response was "You too like big thing". Which made me even more determined that I would achieve all the goals I have set for myself and I cannot go through life, this earth without making a mark. I cannot be another 'tailor' or 'supplier'. I don't see why you should too. Do not be afraid to dream big dreams. Stay away from people who says it cannot be done, no matter how ridiculous your idea is.

I remember a good friend of mine who I worked with at the bank was dreaming of setting up a TV channel. Not station oh, TV channel! We all thought she was ridiculous. Totally insane. Long story short, her vision changed a bit but she recently launched her online platform in the UK recently, getting a lot of press and support from the diplomatic community. I couldn't be more proud.

You too can dream big dreams. Please do not limit yourself.  .


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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Aso-ebi maybe

Hey blogsville.
Kai, I have been missing in action here. My apologies. I have been busy and coupled with writer's block I haven't been able to come up with any exciting post until yesterday when my Sister-in-law and I had the most unusual conversation.

We (some members of my family and I) have been invited to a three day wedding next month. The couple are not Nigerian and the father of the bride asked us to come dressed in our native attire to showcase our rich cultural heritage. Whether we have that in Edo North, I am not sure. Anyway, my graceful-fashionista-beautician sister-in-law is in charge of the aso-ebi. I mean there are only 5 women coming from our family but we have decided to pick a uniform. So yesterday I was summoned to get a sneak peek of the fabric we will be wearing. I may not be a fashionista but i know an expensive fabric when I see one. After evading the repeated question of How much? How much?  She finally said well for a wedding like this we cannot go there looking like peasants. its N51,000 for the whole thing. N51,000, $319, £195.... that's for the fabric alone. We haven't even talked about the tailor...shoe and bag. Then I started sweating profusely.

Everyone knows me, I am not an aso-ebi person. I never was or will even be. I don't even invest in Ankara. I know 1000% that I would be wearing this outfit only once. I know it, I can feel it. "I don't think I would even invest this much in my own wedding" I retorted.... "What sort of wedding do you want?" she asked. "Well.....something small...just me and him walking the beach in Zanzibar or something.....I don't want a fuss" smiling sheepishly. "TA.....Beach ke? That's how marine spirit enters people. Are you an ogbanje?....In fact just show up and leave the rest to us" * I guess my wedding plan is sorted then*... "I don't understand why you can spend so much money on food and travel and not to beautify yourself?" she quizzed.... "I am wearing it only once and IT IS NOT MY WEDDING" I replied defiantly.

A lot of people would argue that the aso-ebi is a part of our culture but for me I disagree. I think its just a way to rip people off. I am not a big fan of it period. Instead of spending that much on an outfit especially when you are not the one getting married why not invest in a nice gift for the couple?

Anyway, my sister-in-law agreed to pay half the Aso-ebi amount and is giving it to a VERY good tailor too. I am also believing she will provide the jewellery I will wear.....