Monday, 23 July 2012

Show me your plate and I'll tell you who you are.

I am one of those people who can tell a person's personality by how they react to food. Especially food they haven't eaten before. In that vain, I kinda group potential dates by how they react to food. Its understandable as food is one of my greatest passions and the way I treat food is the way I adjust/treat/handle different facets of my life.

For instance I am very observant and when my friends eat I can pretty much tell one person's personality to the next. It's simple. Your attitude to food denotes your readiness to embrace change. Your open mindedness and sometimes 'wordliness'. I remember the last dinner party I had at home. I cooked something even I had never eaten before. It was wolfed down in nano seconds and my guests thanked me for it.  Some weren't crazy about it but they all tried it and gave me honest feedback. That's why they are my friends. They are open minded! That how life should be approached.

So imagine my disappointment when I was 'scoping' this guy and I gave him a sweet snack to try. He tasted it and spat it out. Sacrilege! That singular action of spitting out a sweet altered my perception about him totally. I could visualise a rigid, close-minded person that would do me absolutely no good, Someone who wouldn't take risks and was very 'safe'.. I know many people who would try it and say, "I do not like it" as opposed to spitting it out. I try most things (as long as it isn't life threatening) and if I don't like it, I do not try it again.

I remember my first experience with Hawaiian pizza. I have never liked a sweet and savoury type combo. I do not like sweet and sour chicken. I do sweet or sour but never together. Nothing has changed on that front. So a friend brought a box of Hawaiian pizza to my house and I put my fears aside and took a bite. I focused on all the flavours and textures then it started to come together. I seemed like i had had an epiphany. Hawaiian pizza has now become my pizza of choice.

I have dated the 'hearty eater'.... a guy who was so generous and caring. The 'glutton' is the greedy and stingy one. For instance you and a guy sharing spring rolls, if he doesn't urge you 'the lady' to take the last one on the plate. He is stingy. Quote me.  The 'finicky eater', is the self-absorbed whinger.... The 'foodie'...the helpless romantic and the 'Serial Indomie eater'...stay away from those kinds they have nothing but mediocrity to offer you.

I may be wrong but these are my findings, I believe it works differently for different people


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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Elevens!

I needed to blog to clear my head so decided that I would try the 11s. So Ms Lily Johnson's caught my eye. So here they are.

 1.      Who are you in three words? 
Sensitive. Talkative. Caring

2.      If you had the opportunity of being one person in the world for a day, who would you be asides yourself of course? 
Jamie Oliver
3.      Which country would you absolutely love to spend your last days in and why? 
Croatia- I have been there and it just resonates with me. I love the tiny Islands and coastal area tres much
4.      What is the best gift you ever got from a loved one? 
Money! - Most people dont usually impress me with the gifts they, so money would easily take that load off.

5.      What is the craziest thing you would do for a million dollars? 
Maybe some adventurous sports. Anything that will question my faith AND/OR morals. I CANNOT do.

6.      What would you ask for if a handsome billionaire Arab Prince asks you to make one wish? Or a beautiful queen of some place asks you to? 
Since they are not God. I would ask them to show me how to make wealth otherwise I would have asked for WISDOM. 

7.      What is your wildest fantasy?
*secret* I have pretty much done most of the wild things I wanted. Ok, to Summit Mt Kilimanjaro 
8.      At what age would you discuss sex and stuff with your kids? [kids’ age
I dont think I can answer this one.

9.      If you were to be your president’s special adviser on ‘any matter’ for a week, what would you advise the man? 
First of all I would like to draw his attention to his wife. Help them out and improve their lifestyle. I would love to cook in their kitchen and basically show them how to enjoy life. I am not one to give any political advise.

 10.   What is that fashion item that you want but don’t have right now?  
I am not much of a fashionista. I would love to own a Birkin or a classic Chanel Bag.
11.  How many purses do you have? How many wallets do you have?
Maybe about 10-12 functional bags/purses. I have about 4 wallets. I use only 1.

So here are my own 11s and I tagged anyone who reads this or feels the need to do it out of boredom ;)

1. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?.
2. If you ever met Obama what will you tell him?
3. When did you have your first crush and are you still in touch with that person?
4. If you were given a day to live, what will be the last thing you will eat before you die?
5. If you had to save ONLY one thing or person in this world, what would it be?
6. What is the best movie you've ever seen?
7. If you were to appear on  reality TV which one will it be and why?
8. Which Fairy character best describes you and what you've been through?
9. Would you rather be stuck in a house full of bread or a house full of chocolate? Give reasons.
10. If you were given a round the ticket to visit a country in each continent. Which countries will you choose and why?
11. What is your most prized posession?


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Title? You tell me.

 I wrote this blog a while ago with the intention of posting it but it never happened. So here is it.

I have often wondered if it is me or if the world has suddenly gone beserk. I mean why do I constantly attract dull men? This is rhetorical. For one, it doesn't reflect positively on me. Meaning I am Either dull or I just attract a special breed of assholes. I'd like to go with the latter.

You see, I haven't been in a relationship per say in a while so getting back into the dating game is rather cumbersome. Maybe I expect top notch or I am unfortunate enough to meet men who give too little or nothing at all. So when the member of the opposite sex fails to stimulate me intellectually it leaves me rather disappointed suffice to say that's why I am still single.

The last conversation I had with a suitor goes like this.
Suitor: So how are you my lady?
Me: *hmmm* Fine
Suitor: What are you doing, you seem distracted.?
Me: well I am actually having breakfast.
Suitor: Really? *as if I had just told him I landed a spaceship*
Me: Yes, really!!!
Suitor: So what are you eating?
Me: Bread *monosyllables will do*
Suitor: AND WHAT. Is it only bread?
Me: ....and eggs *sigh*
Suitor: Fried or Boiled?
Me:...... Raw.....*I had had it*, you know what? Let's chat later.

I don't have the patience for blandness and ordinary people. I have never and will never do. One thing is certain he and I ain't going nowhere. I had better conversations in my teens and with younger men. What the hell is going on?


Monday, 2 July 2012

Boisterous Beirut

The wedding has finally come and gone. The wedding reception I have been planning for 3 months was in Beirut. I got back yesterday and it was well and truly amazing. Our hosts (The bride's parents and my Lebanese family) went all out to ensure that no one tops them in the hospitality stakes for the next 10 years. They fed us, paid our tickets business class (All their GUESTS flew business class or Private jets), put us in the best hotels and made sure we lacked nothing. They even gave us shopping money, YES they did and if I didnt know the guy I would have thought he was a drug baron. They also flew the Nigerian Cultural Troupe- 17 of them. Put them in a hotel for 4 Nights to perform for 15 minutes.

So truly that N51,000 for Aso-Ebi was childs play. We should have worn something more expensive and it wouldn't have been enough. Guests were lodged at the Phoenicia Beirut and the 4 Seasons.

The wedding reception was held at Dier El Qamar Palace. The wedding guests about 700 of them were in tailor made suits and Couture dresses. The Lebanese know how to spend money. The money for the cosmetic surgeries was enough to relieve a small African Country from poverty. Enough botox to fill an olympic sized swimming pool. There were quite a number of Nigerian dignitries (Names witheld unless you have access to my FB page).

My bedroom at the Phoenicia Hotel.

At the Phoenicia Hotel Lobby

Centre Pieces at the Wedding reception

Beirut Souk

Harissa, Lebanon

Went on an Excursion to Harissa, The statue of Notre Dame

The reception was held at the Dier Al Qamar Palace

The lucsious spread

The Nigerian Cultural Troupe

A cross section of dancing guests

Sufi Dancer entertaining us at the reception

Dancing Owambe in my aso-ebi *well worth it in the end*

The flowers at the Palace

Enough Baklava to last me a MONTH

The Evening Entertainment at the Disco Hall
I was in Bierut 21 years ago as a child.  It was a lot different this time.  A whole lot different. I am glad I accepted the invite. I hope you the pictures?